Which GoPro is best for vlogging?

Which GoPro is best for vlogging?

GoPro is a brand for those who love adventure. The brand has got a series of action cameras equipped with a wide-angle lens and many innovative features. GoPros are also known for the accessories that can be used while traveling to record videos and to click wide-angle photos. If you are into Vlogging and confused about which GoPro is best for vlogging? Then here’s your answer.

GoPro is not an ideal option for professional vloggers, still, you can add it to your camera bag for taking a wide-angle shot or recording a hands-free video. To give you the best of ideas and to help you choose the right GoPro edition, here we have compiled a list of the Best GoPro Cameras for Vlogging. Let’s collect all the useful details now!

Best GoPro Cameras for Vlogging 

Let’s first check GoPro vlogging cameras out side by side

Vlogging Camera PhotoVideoVideo Stabilization
GoPro Hero8 Black12MP + SuperPhoto Improved HDR4K60HyperSmooth 2.0
GoPro HERO7 Black12MP + SuperPhoto with HDR4K60HyperSmooth
GoPro Hero 7 Silver10MP + WDR4K30Standard
GoPro Hero7 White10MP1080p60Standard
GoPro Fusion18MP Spherical5.2K30Spherical

1. GoPro Hero8 Black

Which GoPro is best for vlogging
Which GoPro is best for vlogging – GoPro Hero8


GoPro Hero8 Black is the most recent edition of the GoPro Action Camera series. The launch of this new edition brings a lot of new improvements to the camera over the previous edition. If you love to take wide-angle shots to add in your video, then the GoPro Hero8 Black is the perfect option for you.

With the same camera, you can grab the full 4K videos with new Hyper Smooth 2.0 video stabilization and all the essential connectivity options to connect the camera to other compatible devices instantly. The camera supports a bunch of accessories that can be bought from the market or you can go with the bundle kit which contains all the useful mountings.


  • Great build quality for long-lasting performance
  • Equipped with 12 MP Sensor
  • Can record full 4K Videos
  • Waterproof body
  • Built-in Bluetooth+ Wi-Fi Connectivity


  • It only takes wide-angle shots and videos.


2. GoPro HERO7 Black

Which GoPro is best for vlogging
Which GoPro is best for vlogging – GoPro Hero7

which gopro is best for vlogging

GoPro HERO7 Black is a previous year edition launched by GoPro for the adventure seekers and travelers. The same action camera is widely used by the Vloggers for taking wide-angle shots or recording action videos. The water-resistant body of the camera makes it an ideal choice for outdoor shooters.

Being the latest edition, it is designed with the latest technology to offer the best of photo capturing and video recording experiences. Apart from this, a lot of improvements have been made to enhance the overall experience of using it.


  • Equipped with 12 Megapixel Sensor
  • Advanced HyperSmooth Video Stabilization
  • Rugged design with full Water-resistant body
  • Supports Voice Commands
  • Built-in SuperPhoto feature to get quick images
  • Supports Live Streaming
  • 8X Slo-mo videos
  • Can record videos with full 4K resolution


  • The Camera requires an additional microSD card which is not included.

3. GoPro Hero 7 Silver

Which GoPro is best for vlogging
Which GoPro is best for vlogging – GoPro Hero 7 Silver

which gopro is best for vlogging

No matter whether you like adventures or not, you should always keep the camera handy to get quick shots. Well, GoPro Hero 7 Silver is there to help you out with it. This edition of GoPro is designed for travelers who can capture a wide-angle shot quickly and can record full 4K videos by covering full sceneries.

With its rugged design and waterproof body, the GoPro Hero 7 is made to last forever. The camera also supports plenty of accessories to make it more convenient for you while you are on an adventurous trip. You can click photos or can record videos hands-free using the different gears of the camera.


  • Equipped with 10 MP Sensor with WDR
  • Great build-quality with a fully water-resistant design
  • Can record full 4K Videos at 30P
  • Supports 2x slo-mo videos


  • The battery is not removable.


4. GoPro Hero7 White

Which GoPro is best for vlogging
Which GoPro is best for vlogging – GoPro Hero7 White

which gopro is best for vlogging

The Heo7 White is one more variant of the Hero 7 series. Unlike the Silver edition, the color of this GoPro edition is White. The white edition boasts a few different features and specifications which makes it different from the original Hero 7 Silver edition.

With its rugged and waterproof design, this edition of GoPro lets you capture high-quality photos with a wide-angle lens. You can also record full 4K videos smoothly using this action camera. Simple streamlined capture mode makes it more convenient to capture the shots. It also has a touch-screen to operate its functions and modes.


  • Tough and tiny design
  • Fully Waterproof body
  • Built-in touch screen with easy photo capturing modes
  • Video Stabilization included
  • Uses 10 MP sensor


  • The settings of this camera are hard to configure if you haven’t used the GoPro camera in the past.


5. GoPro Fusion

Which GoPro is best for vlogging
Which GoPro is best for vlogging – GoPro Fusion

which gopro is best for vlogging

GoPro Fusion is a unique action camera designed to record Spherical Videos. Yes, unlike the previous editions, the GoPro Fusion comes with the ability to record full 360-degree videos with 5.2k resolution.

This edition is compatible with smartphones making it easier for the users to record and view the videos on a smartphone. You can transform spherical videos and shots to a normal shot at 1080 pixels as well.

It comes with a set of unique features and functions which makes it the most innovative action camera. Many professional vloggers are using this camera to record mesmerizing Spherical Videos to amaze their followers.


  • Records Spherical Videos with full 5.2k resolution
  • Converts spherical videos and shots to normal videos
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • A lot of customizable options
  • Rugged design


  • Designed for special tasks only. You have to keep an additional camera handy if you are a professional shooter.

Wrapping It up! 

GoPro is the world’s most trusted brand when it comes to buying a new action camera for both, casual and professional use. GoPro can be used as a side camera if you are a professional Vlogger as it can only record wide-angle shots that you may not require all the time. Explore the list and pick the one which suits your needs.

what is the best camera for vlogging

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