What to Look For In a Vlogging Camera

What To Look For in a Vlogging Camera

Being a professional vlogger, you need to buy the right camera gear for your full-time Vlog. So, the first question popup in your mind will be, “What to look for in a vlogging camera?” 

Don’t worry, I wrote this post to answer this question and help you to make the right decision to buy a camera for vlogging. Having said that, I will discuss in this post the features that you must consider and the other that you can ignore while picking the best vlogging camera in 2020.


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Things to Ignore While Picking a Vlogging Camera

There are plenty of cameras available in the market with different types of features but here we are discussing those features that you can avoid while picking your first ever vlog camera:


There are mainly 3 things you should avoid while choosing the best Vlog camera.

  • Zoom
  • Flash
  • Megapixel


Most of the cameras have many features that can fulfill many jobs but not exceptional for a specific job. For example, most of the cameras have Zoom and Flash features but it’s not valuable for vlogging.


Zoom is only useful in travel vlogging but it’s still not vital and this is my personal opinion. Flash and Zoom these 2 main features you shouldn’t worry about. Using a camera with a built-in flash in professional Photography or Cinematography is considered as a sin. If you want to use lighting in your video, you will need an external lighting kit and some knowledge about it. Flash is only valuable to show your trip pictures to your family members.


Megapixels, it’s only relevant for photography to get good detailed pictures. Getting a camera evading these features will give you more value for your money.


Features You Need to Consider

Let’s start focusing on the camera features that are useful for your Vlog. Well, this is the most interesting and important part of this topic so please read it at the end to make the right decision to buy the right camera gear for vlogging.


Low-Light Performance

This is the first and by far the most important feature that you should worry about when picking the right camera for your Vlog. It’s always important that the camera should make high-quality videos and photos even when there is not enough light to support it.


If your camera can’t take good photos in low light. It means images will have noise and reduce their frames per second.


What makes a camera have the best outcome in low light?


Lens Aperture

Aperture plays a vital role in the composition and setting up a shot. High-speed lenses have a wide aperture that allows them to capture more light. Wider aperture lens performs well in low light conditions. This also helps you to get background or foreground blurred photos. Higher quality 50mm lenses have an f/1.8 aperture to get the best quality images.



ISO, which you can’t see in the camera’s specs. The amount of noise in an image can show as the ISO gets higher. You can only check it while using the camera at a higher ISO. Its cameras sensor sensibility to the light.



The third point, last but not the least, that impacts your camera’s performance in the low-light condition is its sensor size.


Different kinds of vlogging cameras have different sensor sizes. Bigger sensor sizes capture the more light and perform well in low-light conditions.


Here is the orderly arrangement of the vlogging camera type concerning sensors larger to the smaller scale.


  • DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras.
  • Point and Shoot Cameras.
  • Camcorders.


Fully Articulated Screen

What To Look For In A Vlogging Camera - articulated screen
What To Look For In A Vlogging Camera – articulated screen

The flip or articulated screen is very handy when it comes to recording your Vlog. The cameras with flip screen help to see your video recording just the way you want it to be.




What To Look For In A Vlogging Camera - wifi
What to Look For n A Vlogging Camera – wifi

It means that you can connect your camera with your smartphone. Wi-Fi also helps to upload youtube videos without using any cable.



Auto Focus While Recording Video

This is a very essential feature that is quite useful in vlogging because while creating your Vlogs the camera should focus on your face at any given time. Even if you move closer or faster you should be in the focus. Without continuous autofocus, the item you want to show off looks blurry which is not good for your viewers.


Microphone Input

Having a feature of microphone input in your vlog camera is very essential and useful. Sadly, plenty of cameras don’t have this feature. There is another way to record audio via a USB microphone.


Battery Life

If you have extensive use of the camera daily for vlogging then you should always lookout for the camera with long battery life. Yes, you can buy extra batteries but it can be so expensive.

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