What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Vlog?

What Equipment do I need to start a Vlog? – Overview

Vlogging is probably the most ideal way to get your ideas, and art into the eyes and thoughts of others. If you are new to vlogging, one of the most common questions you have in your mind is “what equipment do I need to start a vlog?”

So when you are getting started on YouTube, figuring out what equipment to buy can be kind of overwhelming. In this article, we are gonna be breaking down the best equipment needed to start a vlog.

This article is devoted to individuals who are thinking of starting their vlogs and want to have the best vlog equipment for their vlogging content.

Here is the list of the best vlogging equipment in 2020 you have ever come across.


  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Lights
  • Tripod
  • Lowepro gear-up case


This is the essential part of vlogging, Right! You need a decent camera that can capture your content for your viewers. There are many options available on the internet and market but it’s very hard to figure out which is the best one for your vlogging venture.

If you are just browsing check out what to look for in vlogging camera article. If you however ready to make the move check out this list of the best Canon cameras for vlogging

If you are going to stick with your vlogging as a hobby or a career choice, then you have to upgrade your camera from time to time.

Still, when it comes to choosing a camera for vlogging, you can start with an entry-level DSLR, mirrorless, camcorder, or widely famous GoPro camera but when it comes to the features of a vlogging camera then you should take care of these given below features.

  • The camera should have good low-light performance
  • Fully articulated or flip screen
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to transfer and upload data without any hassle
  • Autofocus while recording
  • Long battery life


The sound quality of your video could be more important than your visual because a nice video always has nice voice quality. After the camera, the microphone is the essential equipment for vlogging that helps to connect with your audience.

I recommend Rode Wireless Go. It is an ultra-compact wireless microphone that delivers pretty cool crystal-clear audio quality.

Rode Wireless Go Features

  • Delivers crystal clear audio
  • Latest Series III 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission
  • Rechargeable batteries charges via USB Type-C
  • Up to 7hrs battery backup, including battery-saver mode
  • Use up to 8 systems in 1 location


Lighting is another piece of essential vlogging equipment. When it comes to indoor or low light condition shoots, you always have a good quality lighting kit if you want to achieve a good professional look and avoid having a shadow on your face.

Carrying a good light gives a professional look to your video. There are two things we are worried about when picking a light, the first thing is brightness furthermore, second is color temperature. Neewest comes with 800W 5500K umbrellas and a 200cm light stand


What Equipment do I need to start a Vlog - Lighting
What Equipment do I need to start a Vlog – Lighting

what equipment do I need to start a vlog

Sunway FL-120 LIGHT Features

  • (7 Feet)/200cm Light Stand
  • White translucent umbrella
  • 10ft Background Stand Support System
  • 45W day-light studio light bulbs
  • 5500K fluorescent spiral bulb


Being a vlogger tripod is the essential equipment to generate good quality content. Having a better camera doesn’t matter if you don’t have a tripod because without tripod your content looks shaky.

To hold the camera in your hands or place your camera correctly and speak in front of it with your hands free.

I recommend Joby Gorillapod, one of the most popular tripods among vloggers. It is flexible and versatile also its arms can be bent and twisted as per your requirement.

GorillaPod Tripod Features 

  • Flexible and super versatile
  • Easily Bent and wrap
  • Comfortable and flexible legs grip
Lowepro Gear-up Case

At last, I highly recommend the Lowepro gear up the case. It is the most important equipment to cleanly and effectively carry all your vlog accessories, it’s a lightweight sack with double cushioned pockets in addition to a flexible attendant lash that gives a more secure capacity limit.

Lowepro Gearup Case Features

  • Lightweight sack
  • Elastic keeper strap
  • Double slider zipper
  • Double cushioned pockets

On the off chance that you need to get down to business with your video blogs, set aside the effort to get all the vlogging equipment you need. Your video blogs will be considerably more professional and more pleasant to deal with on the off chance that you take the time and get the correct equipment.

Final Notion

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter you have expensive camera gear or not for your vlogs. The most important thing is what’s your need while creating videos.

You can start with entry-level equipment for your vlogs and create unique content for your vlogs. Please share your thoughts in the comment box and you can also suggest to us your equipment while vlogging. If you like our content share it on social media and thanks for reading.