Travel Vlogging Equipment | Gear up for 2022

Best Travel Vlogging Equipment. We are Traveling!

When the outbreak began, we probably didn’t think much about it. I thought it would be over in a month. With almost all the countries imposing a lockdown you’re left with no choice but to stay put and cancel those plans, those trips, those bookings.

Traveling used to be at the bottom of our to-do list and we vloggers are coming back even better and stronger now.

So lets all gear up, and let’s prepare for the ultimate travel of 2021, so when it’s safe to go out again, we’ll all come at it with a vengeance! Who’s with me?

Here’s a list of equipment that we’ll need for our epic 2021 travel vlogging:

1. Camera for Travel Vlogging

You wouldn’t want to get those bulky, hefty camera builds. When traveling, the perfect camera is those compact, mirrorless, or point and shoot types. It needs to be light and portable.

It has to have a great autofocus system, for the perfect selfie shot, a flip screen is helpful, no more out-of-frame or out-of-focus selfies.

Image Stabilization is also important, because when you’re traveling, you’ll definitely be moving or walking around, and you wouldn’t want your videos to be shaky.

Both are great as an all-around camera, it’s lightweight, so small, and perfect for traveling. Both are full-frame, mirrorless cameras. It doesn’t have an in-body stabilization but it will depend on the lens you will put on them. The RP is more for an entry-level, Canon EOS R is more for a more advanced shooter.

2. Tripod for Travel Vlogging

You’d always want to have a tripod with you, it can help you get a wider shot, or help you hold your camera in place. The JOBY GorillaPod has always been popular among vloggers, because of its bendy legs, you can easily wrap it on a pole, tree, or wherever.

But this tripod is the best one for traveling. The Peak Design Travel Tripod, it’s small, people are comparing it to a water bottle.

It is so easy to set up and pack. For a compact tripod, it can go as high as 51.3 inches. It’s lightweight as well, about 3.4lbs, and you can use it for your phone. Again, If it’s light and compact, it’s perfect for travel.

Here is a list of the Best Tripods

3. Mic for Travel Vlogging

Our cameras may have built-in microphones but we all know that wouldn’t cut it, and having a separate mic will do the trick. Audio quality should always be as good as your video quality.

The best and most go-to microphone is the Rode VideoMic Pro+, compared to its nonpro version, the controls of this microphone are digital, it has an auto-on and off feature, so when your camera is turned off, the mic shuts off as well. Its battery can last up to 100 hours.

Can go into high-frequency boost mode, which can be useful if you’re using a windshield, as it sharpens out the vocals. For other microphone reviews, you can click on this.

Since traveling will require us to shoot at an open space area, such as beaches, mountains, streets, windy scenarios are pretty much expected.

A gust of wind can pretty much destroy a good audio track and can be very distracting. So lessen that you might want to get a windshield for your mic, sadly they’re called dead, I’m not sure why. or if you have more budget, you can go for a blimp.

4. UV-C Light Sanitizer Wand

Yes, a UV Sanitizer. Since we’re slowly moving towards the new normal phase of our lives, who knows, maybe UV Sanitizers might be essential for traveling.

UV-C light can eliminate 99.9% of pathogens and it doesn’t leave behind residue, so it is safe to use on electronics. Keeping things sanitized is a must these days, and should still be post-pandemic.

Not ideal to wipe sanitizer, soap, or alcohol off your devices, so you might want to add this.

Slowly places around the world are opening up, but it’s still uncertain when we will be able to freely travel the globe, and seems like traveling will not be as easy as it was before, and could probably even be more difficult now with all those extra requirements.

But someday soon, there will be clearer skies we can all make up for our missed travel this 2020.

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