Canon T7i Vlogging | Performance and Functionality

Canon T7i for Vlogging

We all know how the camera industry has grown up recently with hundreds of new options from trusted brands. If you have decided to buy a new mid-range digital camera, then Canon T7i could be the best option for you.

The Canon T7i Vlogging guide is prepared for those who are confused between this edition with other Canon DSLR cameras.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i boasts the list of all the latest features and specifications of a new generation DSLR camera.

A camera is a solid option for travelers and frequent users as it carries a sturdy design and a well-protected body. The weather-sealing design makes it an ideal option for travel vloggers.

Why you should buy a Canon T7i DSLR for Vlogging?

Vlogging is one of the best professions in the world, as it gives you full freedom to work. A career makes you a wise person as you always try to explain something to your viewers.

You have to develop yourself to be a good person in order to achieve success.

You can’t be a good Vlogger if you don’t have a compatible Camera. DSLR is a highly recommended camera for Vloggers as it gives you full flexibility in recording high-quality videos as well as taking quality pictures.

The Canon T7i is there to suit your needs as it comes with all the features that you might be looking for in a new DSLR camera for Vlogging.

The build quality

Canon’s DSLR cameras look identical to each other, the Canon T7i carries a similarly compact and functional design just like the predecessors.

It’s a mid-range DSLR pack with all the advanced features that give you the best video shooting experience.

The sturdy build quality and handy design make it more comfortable while recording a video for your Vlogging project.

The camera features physical buttons to control the settings. The dialer-mode button lets you change the settings of the camera. A pop-up flashlight, Memory card slot, and all the other useful connectivity options are given.


The Canon EOS Rebel T7i features a 24.2 Megapixel CMOS Sensor. It comes with a built-in lens that lets you take perfect pictures and record high-quality videos.

Being a mid-ranger one, you can’t record high-quality videos at full 4K resolution. It is limited to just full HD resolution at 1080 pixels.

Apart from this, it comes with an autofocus feature, face detection feature, and continuous shooting mode that lets you capture a series of photographs with just one click. With DIGIC 7 Image Processor, the camera takes sharp images with good quality.

With the optical ViewFinder, you can shoot the perfect video that might not need any editing work. The camera features the world’s fastest AutoFocus feature with 0.3 sec.

Canon T7i for Vlogging

Wireless Connectivity

This mid-ranger DSLR camera features the latest connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth. You can easily transfer photos and videos from the camera to your smartphone and computer.

The built-in Wireless Connectivity features make it easier for users to transfer photos and videos without any hassle. You need to install Canon’s official mobile app to connect the camera.

You can control the camera using your mobile phone or can even download Videos and Photos directly on your Smartphone.

Supports Multiple Lenses

The most common reason behind owning the Canon EOS Rebel T7i for professional shooting is it is compatible with multiple lenses.

Canon’s extensive lineup of EF and EF-S lenses is compatible and you can use them for taking pictures and recording videos at different angles and in different conditions.

With multi-lens compatibility, you don’t need to buy an additional camera. You can get yourself a new compatible lens or can ask your friend to use the lens on your Camera. It makes you a versatile professional vlogger.

Canon T7i Vlogging - lens
Canon T7i Vlogging – lens

Articulated Touchscreen

The mid-ranger EOS Rebel T7i features an articulated touchscreen LCD panel. The screen supports multi-angle and can be flipped easily at various angles.

You can see what the camera sees by flipping the screen. This feature is called “flip screen” and makes vloggers’ life much easier.

The touchscreen allows you to make changes to your photo shooting and video recording without using physical buttons.

Limitations of Canon EOS Rebel T7i

  • The Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR camera carries a little more bulky design than its predecessors. The bulky design is the reason why new buyers avoid buying this camera.
  • The quality of photos taken by this camera is not that good compared to other cameras. You have to limit yourself with the photography features if you are going to buy it for taking pictures and not videos.
  • The battery life is also a matter of concern here as the Canon EOS Rebel T7i’s battery is not that powerful. For travel Vloggers and other outdoor shooters, an extra battery is recommended.

The Bottom Line:

The Canon EOS Rebel T7i is the perfect mid-ranger edition for both, beginners and professional shooters. It comes with all the latest features, such as Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, support for multiple lenses, etc. It also takes high-quality pictures and full HD videos smoothly.

We would recommend this edition of Canon for professional Vloggers since it is compatible with multiple lenses, it offers versatile shooting experiences to Vloggers.

The full Kit of the Canon EOS Rebel T7i is available in the market, you should go for the full Kit and not the body only if you do not have any other DSLR.

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