Canon G7X Mark II Vlogging Accessories

Canon G7X Mark II Vlogging Accessories

Top 7 Canon G7X Mark II vlogging accessories that must be part of your camera kit

While being a camera manufacturing giant for years, Canon has always been known for crafting some of the best masterpieces in the photography and vlogging world.

Speaking of masterpieces, Canon PowerShot g7x mark ii cab certainly be enlisted in the same category. You can read the full Canon G7X Mark II reviews

Besides carrying a highly compact design, the camera comes on board with a 1.0-inch sensor, a powerful DIGIC 7 image processor, and a fast 4.2x optical Zoom lens.

Moreover, when we talk about the effectiveness of this camera for vlogging purposes, it comes out as an undisputed winner.

Now, if you are trying your hand in vlogging for the very first time, you got to pick the best canon g7x mark ii vlogging accessories to get the best out of your vlogging experience.

Recommended canon g7x mark ii vlogging accessories

1. Batteries

Vlogging requires you to shoot for long hours and this is where it is always advisable to carry an extra battery as a part of canon g7x mark ii vlogging accessories.

Now, while you are out in the market to buy the best battery for canon g7x mark ii, ensure checking its quality and ratings before making the purchase.

The market is loaded with some fake products and you must not fall into the same trap just to save a few bucks in the process.

2. Memory cards

The role of the memory card is to store all the digital media like photos and videos in the device.

So, when it comes to vlogging, you must pick the best quality memory card as a part of canon g7x mark ii vlogging accessories. Moreover, do check the storage capacity and performance of the memory card before buying it from the market.

3. Screen protectors

Having a screen protector is quite a prerequisite for your camera during vlogging and hence you must list this product in the canon g7x mark ii vlogging accessories. Even though the screen of Canon G7x Mark ii is scratch-resistant, there is nothing bad in adding an extra layer of protection to the same.

Besides offering all the protection from scratches, the screen protector would save your camera from all kinds of debris and gashes that may hamper your vlogging experience altogether.

There are certain anti-glare screen protectors available in the market that can help you with vlogging during a bright and sunny day.

4. Camera cases and grips

No matter if you are vlogging in the city area or some faraway place in the wilds, you got to provide the right support and grip to your camera and related accessories like mics and lights.

Now, this is where canon g7x mark ii vlogging accessories like a camera case and a grip would do the job quite perfectly for you.

Still, do ensure the quality and performance of the product before buying it from the market.

5. Camera bags

Carrying the camera along with all the canon g7x mark ii vlogging accessories sometimes gets too hectic and a camera bag is something you need to perfectly handle the same situation.

Still, before you buy the best camera bag for canon g7x mark ii, check about its capability to hold the gear and all the accessories for long hours.

6. Cleaning cloth

Vlogging for long hours may bring all the dust, dirt, and debris to your camera and that’s where you must pay utmost attention to its cleaning process.

Speaking of cleaning, you have to pick the right cleaning cloth to carefully clean up all the canon g7x mark ii vlogging accessories. Always go for microfiber cleaning cloths as they can easily wipe out even the smallest dust particles from hidden areas.

7. Lens caps and UV filters

Most professional vloggers use a UV filter to protect the lenses of their cameras. This becomes quite critical in case the lenses are expensive.

Speaking of their significance, UV filters avoid any kind of dust and dirt from entering into the lenses. Moreover, you can also use a Lens cap to protect the lenses while they are not in use.

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