Best Canon G7X Mark II Settings for Vlogging?

Canon G7X Mark II settings for vlogging

The G7X MARK II is highly recommended for those who are into vlogging. Canon has done a great job to squeeze as many controls as possible in G7X MARK II’s little frame.

Even though it uses the same image sensor as the Canon G7X, the Mark II gets an upgrade with the DIGIC 7 processor, the newest available in any Canon camera range. This upgrade gives you enhancement to your shooting performance and a faster burst shooting rate.

Both WiFi and NFC are supported in the camera. Copy images and videos from your camera to your android or iOS mobile device using the free Canon camera connect app.

The best Canon G7X MARK II settings for vlogging give you better configuration options than the original Canon G7X, which is in the middle of Canon’s high-end G series compact cameras.

What are the best G7X Mark II settings for vlogging?

STEP 1. Set up your ISO settings accurately

ISO indicates the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor to the light. Usually, the ISO starts at 100 and considering which camera you are using for capturing videos or photos, it can get up to 100,000.

The further you proceed from ISO 100 the noisier your image will become.  Hence, try to keep your ISO as close to 100 as possible because it will give the sharpest image with no noise at all.

STEP 2. Using filters outdoors

If you are shooting in bright sunlight and want a shallow depth of field, go for a neutral-density filter or ND filter (Hey! It’s on Amazon).

It is a piece of glass that attaches to your camera lens and allows you to cut the light traveling to your camera. You can buy a variety of ND filters to adjust the amount of light reduction as you shoot.

STEP 3. Customizing White Balance

In many home-shot videos, usually, the White Balance remains off. However, there is a simple solution. Set a custom white balance when you are shooting.

Just go to your Canon G7x DSLR camera’s menu and look for settings/White Balance/custom. In this way, your camera can inform which exact thing is bearing the white color. You can avoid a weird color cast while shooting.

Canon G7X Mark II white balance
Canon G7X Mark II white balance

STEP 4. Mastering Aperture

Exposure is crucial in vlogging. It’s controlled by ISO Shutter speed and Aperture. Think like this: The aperture works like the human eye’s pupil. The wider it gets the more light your camera welcomes.

When your Canon Powershot flip screen camera’s aperture is low, you will get lots of light and a shallow depth of field, and vice -versa. If your aperture is too wide, you will end up getting out of focus every time you move your camera.

Small numbers mean large Aperture and large numbers mean small aperture. A good aperture for fine self-shooting or vlogging is around f4 to f5.6.

STEP 5. Getting Creative with lights

For shooting a great video, it is not necessary to use expensive equipment at all. Being creative works wonders. In the case of lights, 3-point lighting, aka key light, fill light, and backlight, is ideal for vlogging, webinars, etc.

Finally, the best G7X Mark II settings for vlogging give you non-shaky images while walking and shooting together. You can look at the flip screen and ensure that you are focused on the shots. Y

ou can change the focus point through the touch screen. The G7X MARK II is a superb flip screen camera for vlogging, and when you have done everything correctly, you can get desired results.

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