Canon EOS 6D MARK II Vlogging

Vlogging is an ever-growing industry in today’s digital world. When you see the review of any product on YouTube or travel destinations and guidelines, they are from the channels of professional Vloggers. Canon’s 6D Mark II edition has recently gained popularity in the industry just because of the list of its improved features. The Canon EOS 6D Mark II Vlogging guide will help you to know why you should buy this edition of Canon for Vlogging.

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is an upgraded edition to Canon’s EOS 6D camera. The company has redesigned this camera by adopting a new rounded shaped body and some other improvements which makes it the best option for Vloggers who are searching for a mid-range DSLR camera.

Why you should buy the Canon EOS 6D MARK II for Vlogging?

Professional Vloggers require advanced tools and products so that they can shoot professional videos for their channel or website. The Canon EOS 6D Mark II features a full-frame CMOS sensor that enables users to get high-quality videos with full-frame and no cutting.

The built-in full-frame sensor is the major upgrade of this camera. The new sensor offers more power to the user to record high-quality videos. The camera equips the latest image processor that gets you crystal-clear and sharp images.

The Build Quality

Compared to its predecessor, Canon has acquired a new rounded shaped design. The new CEOS 6D Mark II looks pretty handy with its compact-sized design. The rubberized-textured body of the camera makes it an ideal option for travel vloggers who can record videos quickly.

All the manual and automatic control buttons are given on the camera just like other editions of Canon. You can easily take full control of the camera by using the physical buttons of the camera.

The company has taken good care to protect the camera from moisture and dust. The body of the camera is fully sealed and protected from dust and moisture. You will not have to spend your time in cleaning the camera.


The company has improved the overall performance of this edition by implementing new technologies. The camera sports a 26.2 Megapixel CMOS Sensor with the native sensitive rate of ISO100-40,000. The ISO range of the camera can be expanded up to ISO50- 102,400.

Canon EOS 6D MARK II Vlogging - performance
Canon EOS 6D MARK II Vlogging – performance

Furthermore, the camera comes with Canon’s new Digic 7 processor that will give you crystal clear and sharp images. The advanced Digic 7 Processor is 14 times faster than the predecessor. It processes the images faster and gives you the best of photo-capturing experience.

The 45 points autofocus system offers excellent images in static and moving objects. The camera gets you sharp and high-quality images of moving objects. Dual Pixel CMOS sensor allows you to use multiple lenses as per your needs.

Articulating Display

Being an upper-mid-range camera, the Canon EOS 6D Mark II features an articulating display. The display of this camera is extra large and allows you to view the object and scenery in full-frame. It features a front-command dial to control the modes of the camera.

A camera with a flip screen is the first choice of any vlogger because this feature gives the functionality to rotate your screen as per your requirement. You can identify the best viewing angle with a flip screen camera. Vlogger always wants to focus the face and the flip screen allows you to view the object or the face so that you can set the camera angle as per your requirement.

Canon EOS 6D MARK II Vlogging - articulating display
Canon EOS 6D MARK II Vlogging – articulating display

The vari-angle display of the camera is touch-sensitive which means you can control the camera’s basic features and functions by using the touch screen. It means you don’t need to mess with plenty of buttons. You can also access various settings of the camera through the touch-sensitive display itself. The touch display works like a treat for the users which is quite impressive.

Multi-lens Compatibility

The full-frame CMOS sensor of the Canon EOS 6D Mark II camera is compatible with multiple lenses of Canon. Canon’s extensive range of lenses can be used with this camera easily.

Canon EOS 6D MARK II Vlogging - multi-lens compatibility
Canon EOS 6D MARK II Vlogging – multi-lens compatibility

Apart from Canon’s lenses, the same sensor is compatible with many third-party lenses that you can buy from the market. Just search for the compatible lens on any popular e-Commerce site and start using it for your vlogging needs.

Wireless Connectivity

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is designed for professional users which is why it boasts many advanced features. The camera supports remote shooting with built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity options.

With the built-in wireless connectivity option, the user can easily connect the camera with a Wireless network for easy transferring of the images and videos. You can also use Canon’s mobile app which is there for free for Android and iOS to take full control of the camera remotely.

Limitations of Canon EOS 6D Mark II

  • The built-in viewfinder has limited coverage of 98% and not 100% which might limit your video recording.
  • With this camera, you can record videos at full high definition. The maximum resolution of the camera is 1080 pixels. It doesn’t support the full 4K resolution which may disappoint the professional users.
  • Lacks of USB 3.0 connectivity. You are not allowed to connect the camera directly to the computer system with a wired connection as it doesn’t feature the standard USB 3.0 port.

Canon EOS 6D MARK II Vlogging

The Bottom Line:

Canon has redesigned the Canon EOS 6D by adding a host of new features to this edition i.e. Canon EOS 6D Mark II. The upgraded version of the EOS 6D features an articulating touch-sensitive display, advanced image processor, the high-quality full-frame sensor and more.

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II has got everything to shoot videos with different lenses and with different modes. It features 45 points autofocus system that gives you super-fast performance. If you have a good budget and searching for a highly compatible DSLR camera, then Canon EOS 6D Mark II is the best option for you, go for it!

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