How To Use Sony A6000

How To Use Sony A6000? – Overview

If you love photography to the core, it won’t take you much time to gain expertise regarding how to use Sony A6000. The camera is lightweight and small in size but still packed with some exclusive features and specifications to take your photography experience to a different level.

The camera manual will prove to be a great help in the same case and going through it, you can easily learn about all the dials, modes, and settings. Still, in case you face any further issues regarding its usage and handling, refer to the steps and guidelines mentioned below.

Getting started

Before going any further with its usage, you must first learn about setting up your camera according to your photography style and preferences. Check all the dial modes and settings of the camera to make them ready for your preferred shot or video.

Opting for the right shooting mode

Once you enter the mode settings on the top dial, you will get through random mode settings. This is where you need to check out their functionality and features while picking the right shooting mode for your photography requirements.

Superior Auto mode – You will find this mode in Gold color on the mode dial. Use it to capture a high-quality picture with auto-settings while eliminating the unwanted noise and blurring.

Intelligent auto mode– This mode will be available in green color on the mode dial and can be used to click shots with more refined auto-settings

SCN mode– This mode can be used to capture exquisite landscapes, portraits, and other night photography requirements.

Sweep panorama – This mode will help you to craft a panoramic image once you start to move the camera around at a uniform speed.

Movie Options– If you are aspiring to shoot in a movie-like setting, this mode will help you to get the best picture and videos.

M ( Manual exposure ) – You can select your shutter speed and aperture value manual while using this setting.

S ( shutter priority ) – Used for capturing moving subjects while adjusting the shutter speed manually.

An ( Aperture priority )– In case you want to blur the background while taking the picture, this mode will prove helpful

P ( Priority auto) – With this setting, you can shoot the images while adjusting the exposure automatically.

Handy tips to capture the best photos and videos

Shooting moving objects

Focus mode – while using this mode, you can constantly put the focus on a moving subject by further selecting AF-C while holding on to the shutter button halfway down

Focus area– Opt for the WIDE feature to automatically focus on any moving subject once it is placed within the frame.

Drive mode- once you are trying to capture a moving subject, opt for Continuous shooting while holding the shutter button fully down

Shutter speed- using a faster shutter speed is highly recommended while you are trying to capture a moving subject. While you do that, do not let the subject get blurred in the process.

Shooting the Portrait

Once you try to capture a portrait, simply set the Focus mode to AF-S and try to focus on the eyes of the subject whenever possible. Moreover, tap on ‘Wide’ for the focus area and ON for face detection. Additionally, setting the EYE-AF function can also help you get the best portrait shot

Shooting a landscape

Just opt for AF-S for focus mode once you trying to capture a landscape. This way, you can easily capture the background and the foreground in the image while bringing the colors and brightness in their truest sense.

Shooting food and speedy movements

Once you are trying to capture photos involving food, try to shoot in well-lit surroundings with no direct light on the subject.

In case you are shooting speed( involving fast-running animals, people, or vehicles) with the Sony a6000, Select AF-C Focus Mode while setting the Focus Area to Zone. Also, choosing a fast shutter speed of 1/1000 sec or faster will help you to capture the subject more crisply and clearly.

The bottom line for How to use Sony A6000

Getting an expert hand with this camera is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is learn about its features, settings, and modes while trying to capture your favorite photos and videos.

Moreover, it’s lightweight and smaller in size so you don’t need to worry much while taking it along for your photoshoots.

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