How To Use Nikon D750?

How To Use Nikon D750? – Overview

The Nikon D750 is a gem of a camera for all the photography enthusiasts out there. Still, to get an expert hand, you must know how to use Nikon D750. So, if you have just started with its usage and handling, simply follow the below guidelines and instructions.

Using camera menus

You will get the multi-selector as well as an ok button that will be helping in navigating the camera menus. For that, press the menu button that will display the menus to you.

Now, highlight the icon that you want to be selected as the current menu. You can also press the back button for highlighting the icon for the current menu. Once done, you can select the same menu later without toggling all the other options.

Press on the above and below arrow signs for selecting the desired menu. Keep the cursor in position for the selected menu, highlight the menu items that you want, and then display the options. You have to highlight the option again and make the selection of the highlighted item.

Charging the camera

For charging the camera, you have to remove the terminal cover from the battery. Then, insert the battery. For that, you just need to open the small opening at the bottom of the camera. Once the battery has been gently placed, you now need to charge it for further usage.

Now charge the battery after plugging the USB charging cable into power or a USB outlet. Once the battery has been charged, your camera is now ready for further usage.

Also, do remember to remove the battery after you have used the camera and you are putting it back in the camera case.

Basic setup

First of all, you have to turn the camera on. Make the selection of the language that you want. Choose the time zone according to your convenience. Then, choose the date format. You can turn daylight savings time on or off based on your preferences. Now set the date and time.

Using the camera for Point and shoot photography

To begin with shooting, you have to turn the camera on while making the selection of the auto camera mode. Now, you can make the camera ready when framing the photographs.

Especially in the portrait position, you have to hold the camera in the right way. You can also customize the shutter speed according to your choice.

Sometimes, there might be a need for using the tripod. Now frame the photograph the way you want. Press the shutter release button Halfway. In case you see that the subject is poorly lit, then you have to use the flash and the assist illuminator. Now check the indicators in the viewfinder.

You can now start shooting immediately by pressing the shutter release button. There will be also the memory card access lamp that will be directing you for better capture.

Using the camera for Creative photography

You can get different scene modes in the camera that are optimized for shooting the selected scene. For shooting portraits, you can use a soft and natural-looking skin tone. For landscape, you can make use of the built-in flash and turn off AF assist illuminator.

For clicking the pictures of the child, you can opt for vivid clothing and background details. Similarly, for sports, you have to select the shutter speed in an optimum way. For clicking the close-up pictures of the flowers, insects, or other small objects, you can use the Macro lens or a tripod for the prevention of blurring.

Setting the ISO sensitivity

For setting the ISO sensitivity, you have to place the cursor in the information display. Now you have to display ISO sensitivity options and highlight the current ISO sensitivity that you want.

After that, you make the selection of the ISO sensitivity by highlighting an option and pressing the Ok button. For shooting mode, you have to press the shutter release button Halfway.

Learning about Shutter-priority auto

This is the mode where you control the shutter speed with the camera. It will be automatically selecting the setting that will be producing the optimal exposure for you. You first need to rotate the mode dial to S and then set the size of the shutter speed as per your choice.

Bottom-line for how to use Nikon D750

This camera comes along with some amazing features and settings to facilitate your photography aspirations. Still, you can make the most f these settings controls only after getting mastered with its usage and handling.

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