How to Use Canon Rebel T6?

How to Use Canon Rebel T6? – Overview

Even while it carries some unique features and controls, you won’t find many issues regarding how to use the Canon rebel t6. The reason behind this is its user-friendly menu and mode dials that can be easily controlled and managed as per your respective photography requirements.

This entry-level DSLR from Canon is quite similar to its predecessor T5 with the only difference being the availability of Wi-Fi to allow image sharing and remote controlling.

So just in case you face any kind of issue regarding the handling and usage of this camera, refer to the steps and guidelines mentioned below,

Choosing the right mode dial

Selecting the right mode dial is going to be decisive for the quality of your captured image or video. The mode you select will determine the exposure, along with all the automated settings and features available for you in this camera.

With Canon T6, the controls stay with the camera for shooting in auto, portrait, landscape, and food modes. Moreover, you can manage other manual controls like the program, aperture value, shutter speed, and manual exposure according to your own needs and requirements.

Adjusting the camera settings

For shooting a portrait

In case you’re trying to shoot a still portrait, open up the aperture value to blur the background and put further focus on the subject instead of the surroundings. While doing that, you must also increase the shutter speed to cover up any unwanted camera shaking and movement of the camera or the subject.

Moreover, you can also ask the subject to stay still and pose while the shot is on. On the other side, if you are shooting a candid portrait shot, try to go for a faster shutter speed to cover up the subject’s movement.

On the other side, keeping the aperture value f/5.6  can help you to get the desired shot without any issues.

Shooting action

Moreover, if you’re capturing action, the shutter speed will play a key role in attaining the desired shot with your Canon T6.

Therefore, the shutter speed you used for still or candid portrait shots may not work here and you have to opt for a higher shutter speed to capture action sequences or speedy movement of the subjects.

On the other side, you don’t need to do much with the aperture value, as the one used for the still portrait will go well with action sequences as well.

Shooting in dark surroundings

If you’re looking to shoot some cool night shots, you have to play a bit with your camera settings. Hence, going with a higher shutter speed can easily make you adjust to available lighting within the surroundings.

Additionally, the aperture value also needs to be increased to get the required depth of field in the night shot.

The same settings may not be required if the surroundings are well-lit. Now, if you don’t want to scroll down the camera menu every time to get the desired settings, you can use the camera Wi-Fi function to shoot all the sequences remotely via smartphone.

The feature was not available with the previous models of the Canon T series. Well, this is where Canon T6 gives you an edge while going along with your photography aspirations.

Taking landscape shots

Now if you’re looking to shoot your favorite landscape shots with Canon Rebel T6, you just have to make slight changes to the camera settings. Initially, you can opt for the auto white balance feature if the lighting is not an issue within the surroundings.

Moreover, you also need to set the right depth of field by checking on the camera’s controls in the same respect.

Speaking of the depth of field, it is just the area of the image that the camera has put on focus.

So, just in case you want both the closer and far away objects to come sharply in the shot, opt for a high f-stop value or simply use the landscape mode in the camera.

Bottomline for how to use Canon Rebel t6

This entry-level DSLR from Canon allows you to make the best use of your innovation and creativity during any given shot. Still, you can always use the various automated modes the camera provides to keep it simple.

As you have the required knowledge and information regarding how to use Canon rebel t6, you can now make the best out of it to cater to your photography aspirations.

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