How To Use Canon M50

Have you ended up buying the latest canon camera but don’t know how to use Canon M50? If yes, then it is worth understanding the basic features and settings of the camera that will give you ate required knowledge about its usage.

Canon M50 proves to be one of the most innovative models by Canon. You may come to thrugh initial troubles regarding its usage but referring to the below guidelines and instructions can certainly help you during the process.

Getting started

The camera becomes a bit complicated for the ones who have used the previous models by canon. The autofocus mode can give you amazing shots while keeping control of the camera settings. Before you jump further with the usage, there is a need for a proper understanding of the photography requirements and the automated modes.


  • ISO

It’s a well-known fact that ISO plays a major role in the delivery of the perfect essence of the shots. When it comes to the all-new model by canon, you will get the auto ISO settings ranging between 100 ISO and 32000 ISO. So, it will give you an excellent shot even in low light conditions. If you want to click in the well-lit surroundings, you can get the tweak the same setting as per your requirements.

  • Shutter speed

Shutter speed plays a key role in the maintenance of the brightness of the image or the video. When you are getting this camera, you will get the optimized way of setting the shutter speed. It will be playing a critical role when you are capturing the action shot. However, you have to keep control over the camera so that it does not shake and spoil the shoot.

  • Aperture adjustment

The aperture becomes the opening in the lens that is responsible for controlling the amount of light entering into the camera. When you keep the right aperture value, you can rest assured that the photography will be excellent. When you are a beginner, you will require learning more about the aperture for proper photography.

  • Sensor size and lens

The full-frame sensor becomes quite advantageous for the creativity and innovation of the photographers. The lens size is also optimum for giving you good capture with some stunning shots. The camera also becomes compatible with its range of lenses. The Canon M50 can give you a clear image at all times.

  • Controlling the layout

You will get the top plate that will come with a range of controls and buttons for modes dial, on or off button, shutter button, LCD top display, mode dial, dioptric adjustment dial, as well as a lens release button. Besides, there are also controls on the rear side like the main menu, magnified button, info button, adjust button, as well as playback button.

Shooting with the camera

  • First of all, set the camera on.
  • Then, enter the AUTO mode.
  • You have to set the setting by going through the menus.
  • Then, compose the shot and start with shooting the movies.
  • You have to start shooting and take the finger off the movie button.
  • Then, finish shooting while pressing the movie button again for stopping the shooting.

Viewing images and videos

  • Initially, after shooting, you have to enter the playback mode.
  • Then, browse to the images for accessing scroll display mode.
  • You have to turn the dial rapidly, play the movies by pressing the play button on the control panel.
  • You can adjust the volume as well.

Setting shooting modes

  • Firstly, you have to do select the auto or hybrid auto mode.
  • You can create short video mode, special movie mode, as well as a creative filter mode.
  • You can also continue with the adjustment of the screen angle and orientation.
  • For that, you have to tilt the screen up to 180 degrees.

 To get ahead with the required shooting mode, press the arrow button. Using the arrows button, you can set the other menus as well. Now, start turning the dial. Then as soon as the setting is complete, you can start shooting in the desired mode without any issues.

Bottom line for how to use Canon M50

Dealing with this high-end flip screen camera doesn’t demand much skills and knowledge. Still, you must stay updated regarding a few basic settings and controls to get an expert hand on how to use Canon M50.

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