How to Use Canon 200D

The Canon 200D is proving to be a high-performance camera with some striking features. Still, learning how to use Canon 200D is quite crucial if you are looking to take your photography aspirations to a whole different level.

With this camera, you can stay assured of getting high precision and fast autofocus for moving subjects. Moreover, you can also set custom menus in the desired shooting modes. These options are available for beginners as well as advanced users.

Quick start with Canon 200D

First of all, you have to insert the battery. For recharging the battery, follow the instructions provided in the camera user manual. Now attach the lens in order to start ahead with your photography aspirations. You have to align it with the right index. You will be finding these options on the camera.

However, the settings are dependent on the type of lens that you are using. Sometimes you may need to align it to the red index. Now set the lens focus mode switch to autofocus. Afterward, you have to insert the memory card into the camera.

To do that, you have to open the slot cover and then insert the card with the set of memory cards that are available with you. You have to insert it right into the slot. Once done, adjust the power switch to on mode. You can also set the mode dial to full auto.

Once done with the settings, you can automatically focus on a subject. For that, you have to look through the viewfinder and start aiming at the viewfinder center over the subject. Now take the picture. For that, just press the shutter button completely. Check for the quality of the image that is captured. You can see that in the playback menu after capturing the shot.

Menu operations and settings

While adjusting various camera controls and settings with the menu, you can also set the image-recording quality, date, as well as time. Checking at the LCD monitor, you can use the menu button, arrow keys, as well as a set button that you will be found on the camera back.

Once done with the same, you can also set the basic zone mode, menu screen, creative zone mode menu screen, as well as some other options. For setting the menu, you have to display the menu by pressing the menu button. Now select the tab. Then, select the menu item that you want and then click on settings. You can also select the settings according to your choice. Now exit the menu button by returning to the shooting settings display.

Fully automatic shooting

You have to set the mode dial now. Afterward, aim to the center point of the subject. You can do that for better focus. For that, press the shutter button halfway and you can see that the lens will start moving to the focus. The entire focus is brought inside the point. At the same time, you will be also getting the point that will be focusing on the confirmation light. When necessary, you can use the built-in flash that will pop up automatically. Set the pixel by pressing the shutter button completely for taking the picture. You can see that the captured image will be displayed for around 2 seconds on the LCD monitor. In case you see that the built-in flash pops up, you can put it back with a gentle press.

Image playback

First of all, playback the image while entering into the main menu settings and pressing the playback button. When you press that playback button, you will see that the last captured image will be shown. Now, select the image. For selecting the image, click on the Back Arrow key for giving the image start with the first image and then press the forward Arrow key. Now press the button for the DISP and change the display format. After that, exit the playback button by pressing the exit button again.

Continuous shooting

You can start capturing around 3-5 shots per second while using continuous shooting. It becomes effective for shooting fast-moving subjects. The mode also becomes best for capturing the different facial expressions. For that, you have to press on the menu for continuous shooting and the Arrow keys for setting the speed that you want.

Then, simply go ahead with taking a picture. The camera can shoot continuously while you are just holding the shutter button completely.

Bottom-line for how to use Canon 200D

The Camera is quite efficient to fulfill all your photography requirements. Still, you have to learn about all of its features, controls, settings, and functions to grab the best out of this gem of a camera.

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