How to Connect Sony A7 to Iphone in 2 Steps

There are times when you may need to transfer certain pictures and videos from your camera to the iPhone. Hence, learning regarding How to connect Sony A7 to the iPhone is the first thing you must do in the same respect.

How to connect Sony A7 to iPhone in 2 Steps

Step 1. Establishing the connection

First of all, you have to open a smart remote control application on the Sony A7 while checking through to the main menu. Then, you will see a screen with the SSID info, password, as well as the device name. Now go to the iPhone, move to settings Wi-Fi, and start connecting the wireless access point that will be generated by the Sony A7. Once the connection is successful, you can instantly start the Playmemories mobile application on the iPhone.

Step 2. Pairing the devices

Once the Playmemories application has been downloaded, just hold iPhone’s rear camera up to the NFC logo that will be found on the side of the camera. As soon as you do so, you will see it starting the application while negotiating the connection. The devices are now connected and you can start along with the image and video transfers.

Setting up and sharing with play memories on iPhone

  • The built-in connectivity with the Sony A7 cameras becomes an effective network for building this streamlined connection between devices. For doing so, you have to download Playmemories mobile on your iPhone from the iTunes store.
  • Then, you have to configure the camera. For that, you have to press the menu button that will be found on the back of the camera. You have to also use the control pad that will be moving to send to a smartphone.
  • Now make the selection of the smartphone. The camera will come with the option for selecting the images on the camera or also the smartphone.
  • Move ahead with the configuration of the Wi-Fi in the camera. Once you make the selection of the menu to select on a smartphone, you will see that the camera activates Wi-Fi that leads to the creation of the access point. This is the point where you will have to enter the additional details on your device.
  • Selecting the Wi-Fi access point of the camera from the Wi-Fi settings would help you to establish the required connection with the iPhone.
  • When you connect for the first time, you will have to enter the password that will be displayed on the camera screen.
  • All you have to do is to only enter it in the first time and start configuring the device. Now the sharing process will start as soon as the connection is built to the A7 camera. You will get the status message showing that sharing has started.
  • You have to configure the settings by default. You will see that the application has the capability of transferring the 2-megapixel images. But once you click on the settings right on the top right of the application, you can see that there are many menus. From there, you have to choose the relevant ones. When you are choosing to post on Instagram, VGA proves to be the resolution that is needed for transfer and speeding up the process.
  • Playmemories application starts indicating sharing is starting and then it will start displaying the contents of the A7 card right in the date-based view. This is a point where it becomes easier to figure out exactly what the images you want to be imported. For that, you have to type on a date for jumping into the images.
  • Now, make a selection of the images. This is the next screen that becomes the strongest part of using the mobile device. For that, you can also tap on the checkbox that will be found in the upper left corner of the image. Click on the image for jumping into the full-size preview.
  • The other option is to surf through the images in the full-size mode just like sweeping through the camera roll. Now you have to note whether or not the images are getting copied to the device. The application starts displaying the status that will be indicating the number of images being copied as well as the ones that are remaining.
  • However, you can rest assured that the Wi-Fi connection will make the procedure quite fast. After this, you can see that the transfer is complete. Once the image starts moving, you have to power off the A7 for disabling the Wi-Fi connection. Now, you will have the images in the camera roll. So, you can get access to them for posting on Facebook or putting them on Instagram, or emailing them to your clients.


Bottom-line for how to connect Sony A7 to iPhone

It’s quite easy to establish a connection between both the devices. All you need to do is pairing them while keying in the right SSID and password. Once you are done with this process, the rest of the procedure is like a simple cakewalk.

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