How to Connect Sony A5100 to iPhone?

How to Connect Sony A5100 to iPhone? – Overview

There are times when you have to transfer certain photos and videos from the camera to your iPhone. So, learning about how to connect Sony A5100 comes as a prerequisite in the same perspective.

You can connect the Sony A5100 to the iPhone via Blue tooth or Wifi or Scan the QR code. All you need to do is follow the steps and instructions mentioned below.

Connecting the Sony A5100 and the iPhone via Bluetooth

Before the commencement of the connection process between the devices, you have to ensure that both the devices are fully charged. If that’s not the case, please charge both the camera and the iPhone before getting ahead with the rest of the process.

Turn on the Bluetooth options on both devices. You can find the Bluetooth option in the Sony A5100 flip screen camera by choosing the MAIN MENU > Network > Bluetooth settings > Pairing. While you do that, make sure the iPhone is placed within 1 m(3 feet) of the camera.

When you are attempting to pair the camera with an iPhone for the first time or you’re trying to do the same after you initialize the camera, you have to simply press and hold the power button for 2 seconds at a stretch.

This is the point when the camera is turned off. You will notice that the camera enters the pairing mode automatically.

Once you have turned on the Bluetooth option on the camera, you now need to turn on the Bluetooth option on your iPhone. Once done, select the Camera name as the device to be paired with.

A Prompt would appear on the camera stating that the devices have been connected. On the other side, if you are trying to connect the camera and the iPhone via wifi, you just have to select WIFI instead of Bluetooth as the connectivity option in both devices.

Connecting the Sony A5100 and the iPhone via wifi

The only difference here would be that the devices need to be connected with a similar wifi connection. Afterward, go by the below process.

  • Download the Playmemories mobile application on iPhone
  • Select MENU> Application>Smart Remote control
  • You will now receive a prompt on the camera stating the device is ready for connection. It will also prompt some details that you need to enter into the iPhone to kickstart the connection process.
  • The devices are now connected. You can start ahead with the transfer of your favorite images and videos from here on.

Luckily, the Sony A5100 also provides you with an option to connect with any external device by just scanning a QR code. You just have to go to the Smart remote control application in the camera and you will be prompted with a QR scan code for the connection process.

You just need to display the QR scan code and then open the Playmemories application on the iPhone. There you will find the option related to Scan QR code to connect. Select it and place the iPhone camera on the top of the QR scan code of the camera. The devices get instantly connected.

Additionally, you cannot build the connection from an iPhone to multiple cameras simultaneously. Also, there may be instances when the live-view images may not be displayed smoothly depending on the connection quality or the performance of iPhones.

Transferring your favorite images and videos between the devices

While using the Sony A5100 camera, you won’t find any lags during the transfer of the photos from the camera to the iPhone. The procedure considers the installation of the Play memories application. Once you are done with it, go by the following steps:

  • Select the image or the video on the camera that you need to transfer
  • You will come across options namely send via Bluetooth or send via wireless. Select the desired option and you can now transfer the required images or videos.

The bottom line for how to connect Sony A5100 to iPhone

You just need to download the Playmemories mobile application to your iPhone and that will allow you to create the connection with the camera via Bluetooth/Wifi or Scanning the QR code.

Still, you first need to learn about all the relevant steps and guidelines regarding how to connect Sony A5100 to the iPhone before proceeding.

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