How to Connect Nikon D3500 to iPhone

How to Connect Nikon D3500 to iPhone – Getting Started

Transferring those images or videos from your Nikon DSLR to your iPhone may go hectic. Still, if you know how to connect Nikon D3500 to iPhone, the task would become much easier to handle.

Snapbridge application offered by Nikon helps you in ensuring a seamless transfer of your favorite images or videos on your smartphone.

The application works on a wide range of devices, and you have to download and install it from the official Nikon website.

Once you have ensured the connection via this application, you can then manage through random tasks like capturing shots, posting them on social media, etc. without any interruptions.

Connecting Nikon D3500 to iPhone via wifi

  • Power On the Nikon camera and step right into the camera settings.
  • Once done, look forward to the ‘connect to the smart device’ option within the same menu. Doing that, please ensure that the wi-fi and Bluetooth options are also turned On.
  • On the following screen, you will be asked for password protection by the camera. You can likewise get password security while leaving one or two settings without it. Opt for START and Ok once you do that.
  • Afterward, download and install the Snapbridge application. You can find it from the Apps store.
  • From that point onward, you are then required to start the Snapbridge application and check whether the camera name is prompted on the screen.
  • When you have successfully gone through all the steps, you will then enter into the list of features and settings inside the camera. When you see that the camera name is prompted on the iPhone, you need to tap on the “select” option.
  • You then need to start ahead with the pairing of the devices. Whenever you have done that, both the devices can be deemed as ‘Connected’. Likewise, you need to observe that the camera will be transferring the images or videos to the smartphone via wifi.
  • When the camera and the iPhone get connected, you will witness a prompt stating that the camera is connected with the iPhone ‘. This will guarantee that the camera or the iPhone isn’t connected with any other external device or gadget.
  • You would now be able to transfer your favorite images and videos using this process successfully. Going this way, you won’t necessarily need to proceed with connecting the camera to the PC first and then transferring the images to iPhone or the iCloud.

How to connect Nikon D3500 to the iPhone via USB?

Before starting ahead with the connection of the Nikon D3500 to the iPhone via USB, you first need to ensure bringing lightning to the USB connector.

This way, you can establish a seamless and uninterrupted connection between both devices.

Once you go ahead with this task, your camera and the iPhone will connect. When done, turn on the DSLR and open the PHOTOS app on the iPhone.

From that point, you can undoubtedly transfer, see, download, and delete any video or image between the devices.

Now, as you are looking forward to creating a lag-free connection between both devices, try opting for high-quality accessories and connectors for the same purpose.

Using the Nikon D3500 for seamless connection

Using this camera will give you the alternative for flawlessly transferring images from the Bluetooth or wi-fi empowered camera to the respective smart device.

Some more established camera models use the remote mobile utility application for the same task, but this one perfectly matches the Snapbridge application.

All things considered, you must check the user manual for further help and assistance regarding the functioning of the device.

The camera sports some exceptional features, settings, and controls that will give new dimensions to your photography aspirations. Having the right update, knowledge, and technical know-how is a prerequisite for the same task.

By doing that, you can easily operate the camera and its associated functions while getting ahead with capturing your favorite images or videos.

Bottom-line for how to connect Nikon D3500 to iPhone

The process regarding how to connect Nikon D3500 to iPhone is quite simple and easy. You just need to bring high-quality accessories in use, and it will ensure a lag-free connection.

Moreover, the steps and instructions mentioned above will help you regarding every minute task in the same respect.

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