How to Connect Nikon D3400 to Iphone

Looking to transfer those images and videos to your iPhone from the Nikon DSLR? Well, the first thing you need to learn here is how to connect Nikon D3400 to iPhone.

Snapbridge works as the smartphone application designed by Nikon for helping synchronize images and videos with the smartphone. The tool is perfect in terms of giving you the experience that is constant and effortless development of the automatic contact between the camera, phone, or tablet.

With this application, you can get wireless control of the camera. Moreover, you can then go ahead with clicking pictures, sharing them on social media, and so on.

Connecting Nikon D3400 to iPhone via wifi

  • First of all, turn on the Nikon camera and go straight onto the camera settings.
  • Now scroll down to see the ‘connect to smart device’ option. Ensure that the wi-fi, as well as Bluetooth settings, are put to the On mode.
  • On the next screen, you can find that the device will be asking for password protection. You can also get password protection while setting one or more options without any password. Once you have done this, tap on start and ok.
  • Now download and install the Snapbridge application from the Apps store on the iPhone.
  • After that, you have to launch the Snapbridge application. You have to see whether or not the camera name is appearing.
  • When all the steps are followed correctly, you can get access to all the features and settings within the camera. As soon as you see that the camera name is popping up on the iPhone, you have to tap on the option “select”.
  • Then, you have to ask for pairing and devices. Once you have done that, both the devices get connected. You have to also see that the camera will be wirelessly transmitting the media to the iPhone.
  • As soon as a camera and the iPhone get connected, a prompt saying that the camera is connected to the iPhone would appear. This will further ensure that the camera or the iPhone is not connected to any other random device.
  • You can now think of transferring your favorite images and videos automatically. With this process, you won’t have to randomly go ahead with connecting the camera to the computer first and then transferring the images to the iPhone or the iCloud.

How to connect Nikon D3400 to the iPhone via USB?

In order to connect your Nikon D3400 to the iPhone via USB, you first need to ensure the availability of a Lightning to USB camera adaptor. This way, you can ensure the connection between both the devices. Once you have arranged the lightning to USB camera adaptor, insert the USB to mini USB cable in it.

This way, your camera, and the iPhone will get connected with each other. Once done, turn on the DSLR and open the photos app on the iPhone. From there, you can easily transfer, view, download, and delete any file within the devices.

Now, once you are thinking of connecting both the devices via USB, always go with high-quality accessories to ensure a hassle-free connection.

Getting exceptional support with this camera

Using the camera will give you the option for seamlessly transferring images from the Bluetooth or wi-fi enabled camera to the compatible smartphone. Some older camera models utilize the wireless mobile utility application but this one will go good with the Snapbridge application. Still, you have to check the user manual of the camera before starting along with the connection.

Now many would wonder why one has to use a camera instead of an iPhone to click their favorite shots. This is because the cameras use larger image sensors as well as powerful image processing engines that can yield images with a high resolution and wider dynamic range.

Moreover, they have the ability for shooting in low light conditions. You can also get the generation of high-quality images without additional flaws.

Bottom-line for how to connect Nikon D3400 to iPhone

The connection process between Nikon D3400 and the iPhone would stay hassle-free if you use the high-quality accessories for the task. So, by simply following the steps mentioned above regarding how to connect Nikon d3400 to iPhone, you can ensure a seamless connection between the devices.

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