Canon 90D vs. 80D Comparison

Canon 90D vs. 80D

Canon 90D vs. 80D debate is happening around for since long, and fans have their perceptions and verdicts in the same respect.

Canon indeed keeps changing the specifications of its models while upgrading them to suit the users’ preferences.

Still, the new Canon 90D comes inclusive of the enthusiastic design over the predecessor Canon 80D. Besides, there is a combination of the 10 FPS continuous shooting speed with the 32.5-megapixel sensor and a fantastic 4K video capability.

Still, there aren’t many differences between both models, except for a few upgrades and add-on features.


Both the models sport the same APS-C sensor but the EOS 90D beats the 24.2-megapixel resolution of the EOS 80D while bringing a much-improved 32.5-megapixel resolution.

Besides, the 90d has a faster image processor with the new DIGIC 8, which is designed for giving more importance to the shutter speed over the resolution.

ISO range

Usually, we expect a higher resolution sensor to offer the lower maximum ISO. However, when it comes to Canon 90D, it has utilized the latest advancement in sensor technology, and that’s where its DIGIC 8 processor is delivering the highest maximum ISO with a better resolution than the 80D.

So, compared to the Canon 80D, the Canon 90D offers a better image quality that proves to be quite promising.


Canon 90D vs. 80D - autofocus
Canon 90D vs. 80D – autofocus

Both the DSLRs indeed boast a dual pixel CMOS AF system. Still, EOS 90D comes with the latest and the most sophisticated version over the EOS 80D. The 45 point sensor of the EOS 80D is quite similar to the EOS 90D sensor.

Video capability

The EOS 90D is performing better when compared to the older cousin EOS 80D. It has better capabilities in terms of capturing the 4K video over the older model.

In addition to that, the EOS 90D also can capture the 4K un-cropped images of the full width of the sensor. This specification makes it better than the EOS 80D 4K camera.


Power management is something that cannot be left unnoticed. Both the cameras are powered with the LPE6N lithium-ion battery. However, the EOS 80D is perfect for taking around 960 shots while the EOS 90D can take 1300 shots on a single charge.

Hence, it can be said the predecessor gains and aner hand over its successor in terms of matter life.


Canon 90D vs. 80D - speed
Canon 90D vs. 80D – speed

In terms of speed, the EOS 90D is better because of continuously shoots ten frames per second in both the JPEG and RAW mode. Besides, the speed is significantly increased when compared to the 7 FPS of the 80D.

Again, when in live view, you will see that 80D keeps offering only the five FPS continuous shooting which isn’t preferable at all.

When we take a closer look at the shutter speed, we can conclude that 90 D is outperforming the predecessor 80D in terms of the electronic shutter capability.

The electronic shutter allows the users to enjoy the shutter speed up to 1 / 16000 seconds, twice the mechanical shutter’s speed. Besides, it is also equivalent to twice the speed of 80D.


Canon 90D vs. 80D - design
Canon 90D vs. 80D – design

Again, the 90D is slightly lighter when compared to the 80D. The 90D weighs around 24.7 ounces.

Both the cameras are weatherproof and lead to the protection of the kit against harsher surroundings. Besides, the LCD screen works as a strong selling point in both cameras.

There is a 3-inch vari-angle touch screen in both cameras that will also be perfect in giving you exceptional viewing capability. Besides, there are plenty of physical controls that make the digital experience quite incredible.

So, is the EOS 90D better than the 80D?-our verdict

With the latest upgrades in the EOS 90D, you can stay assured of getting a fantastic photography experience than its predecessor.

The price difference between the two isn’t huge. Yet, we will recommend you choose 90D.

If you’re looking for high-end photography with the specifications like improved metering and a subject tracking feature, it’s worth picking the 90D. Also, the enhanced face detection technology makes it stand out over its predecessor.

There are other capabilities like the better 4K video and a longer battery life that add to making 90D a preferable model over 80D.

Besides, you will also get the improved image quality to capture your desired shots in sports, portraits, or even landscape photography.

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