How to take professional photos with iPhone?

High-quality photos are crucial in today’s digital world. Irrespective of the field you are working in, there comes a time when you have to upload professional-grade photos on the web. Since we have numerous platforms to promote products and other marketing tactics, we must understand the need for high-quality photos. 

Thankfully, we have got the power of an iPhone in our hands. Apple designs the camera of iPhones to replace the digital cameras. When you have an iPhone, you don’t need to have a digital camera for taking professional-grade shots. 

If you own an iPhone, then today’s guide will teach you how to take professional shots on the iPhone. The following list of tips will show you the best ways to take high-quality photos from your iPhone’s built-in camera. 

Tips to take Professional Shots on iPhone

Use the Shortcut Function

There comes a time when we have to take quick pictures of something. For taking quick shots of anything around, there’s a quick access function or shortcut button to launch the Camera app on an iPhone. 

You can even customize this function as per your needs. Most iPhones have the sliding option to open the camera app. Just slide left the locked screen to launch the app for taking quick shots. 

Make use of the Volume Key

To snap up the professional shot on an iPhone, you need to hold the device tightly. You can’t take a quality picture with a single hand. When you try to take a professional shot on an iPhone, you can not use the main shutter button as the chances of shaking up the device are high. It will destroy the quality of the photos. 

To click the best of the shot, just quick launch the camera app and set the object within the frame. Press the volume button that is given at the side of the device. This will help you in holding the device firmly and taking the shot simultaneously. 

Enable the Grid Setting

The grid function is available in the iPhone’s default app. This function helps users to take professional and high-quality shots. This function lets them customize the scene with equally divided boxes on the screen. 

This function allows you to set the object in the right box so that the camera can focus rightly and can get you a quality shot. To enable this feature, follow this path. 

Enable Grid Function: Go to Apps>> Settings>> Camera>> Toggle On Grid 

Take Photos in Natural Light

Do not depend on the manual flashlight function while taking a professional shot on an iPhone. Instead, focus on the natural light. Make sure that the flashlight function is disabled on the camera app. You can disable this function by following this given path. 

Disable Flashlight: Go to Apps>> Open Camera>> Select the Flash icon>> Turn if off 

Note: Turn on the flashlight only when there is low light or no light. We recommend you to take professional shots in natural light only. 

Give Portrait Mode a Try

The camera app offers a variety of shooting modes that we use on digital cameras. It makes it easier for iPhone users to take professional shots on an iPhone. 

Portrait Mode is one of the most popular modes in the Camera app of the iPhone. What’s impressive about this mode in the Camera app is it blurs down the background and focuses on the main subject. 

This mode is available on iPhone 7 Plus and higher versions of iPhones that come with dual cameras. Portrait Mode is available on the iPhones with dual cameras only. To enable this mode, follow this path. 

Enable Portrait Mode: Go to Apps>> Camera>> Swipe to Portrait Mode>> Select the Effect>> Take the photo

Try third-party Editing Apps

The built-in camera app on iPhone lets you edit the photos like a pro. You can try out the edit function from the main Photos app from your device. The built-in editing feature offers numerous ways to make an ordinary photo into a professional one. 

Alternatively, you can try out the third-party photo editing apps also. Many social networking apps also provide you with editing features to edit the photo with built-in filters before you upload them. Explore more of such features to give professional touches to your photos. 

Use the Burst Shot

The default camera app also features a unique yet very useful mode called burst mode. This mode lets you capture moving subjects in a series of photos. You can enable this mode to take pictures of your pets, your kids playing around, or for sports photography. 

The aim behind coming up with this mode is to capture the moving subjects. This camera mode is available on iPhone 5S and higher versions of the iPhone. 

To make use of this mode, all you have to do is just tap and hold the shutter button, and focus on the moving subjects. You can also try pressing and holding the volume button for the same. 

Enable HDR Function

High Dynamic Range i.e. HDR is a unique software feature that comes equipped in the default camera app of iPhone. This mode lets you take professional-grade pictures in high contrast area. It lets you take quality pictures without compromising with the quality of photos. 

This unique mode captures multiple shots of the same image and merges them to create a quality image with its final result. This mode works automatically, you just need to enable it from the camera app. 

Built-in Timer Function

Just like the digital cameras, iPhone’s default camera app comes with a useful function called timer. This function allows you to take group photos where you don’t have to be present for taking the shot. 

Just enable this function and set the timer. You can also use this function for taking a self-shot. Launch the camera app, set yourself in the frame, set the timer by selecting the timer option in the app. 

Wrapping up!

iPhone is a great handy tool for every type of individual to take high-quality pictures. The built-in camera app gives you the power to shoot high-quality professional snaps with no extra equipment. 

We hope that the above list of ideas for taking professional shots on the iPhone helps you in knowing the hidden features of the camera app. Use these tips and ideas to take professional shots for product/self-promotion. 

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