5 of the Best Underwater Disposable Camera

5 of the Best Underwater Disposable Camera

The disposable underwater camera was a 90s staple that seemingly disappeared from supermarket shelves.

We live in a world that quickly transitioned from film to digital in a couple of years, so it shouldn’t be surprising that this happened.

However, given the rising popularity of film photography, one might ask, can you still get a disposable underwater camera, or have they gone entirely extinct?

Well, you’re in luck because disposable underwater cameras existed in 2021.

But there is a catch; you have a limited number of devices to choose from.

Also, disposable underwater cameras are still lagging behind the film they use, and they still have the same design they did when they were popular in the 90s and early 2000s.

Nonetheless, these cameras are still quite impressive, especially in the summer. If you and your friends want a cheap solution to take relatively good underwater shots, then disposable cameras are the way to go.

So let’s look at some of the top disposable cameras out there.

Some of The Top Underwater Disposable Cameras Include:

1. Fujifilm QuickSnap Marine

Best Underwater Disposable Camera
Best Underwater Disposable Camera – Fujifilm QuickSnap Marine

If you’re in the market for a dependable underwater disposable camera that you can fit in your back pocket, you should consider the Fujifilm QuickSnap Marine.

Fujifilm is far and wide regarded as the company that’s making the best disposable cameras today, and given the over a thousand five-star ratings that this camera has received so far, it shouldn’t disappoint.

The QuickSnap Marine uses an 800-speed film so you can shoot in virtually any light setting, and you can submerge this camera in waters of up to 35-feet deep.

This is a pretty straightforward camera, so don’t expect DSLR-level shots, but you can be sure you’ll get some striking shots.

2. Kodak Weekend Underwater Disposable Camera

Kodak Weekend Underwater
Kodak Weekend Underwater

Kodak is up there with Fujifilm when it comes to making reliable disposable cameras, and the Kodak Weekend Underwater Disposable Camera is no exception.

It can take images in depths of up to 50 feet, and it has 27 exposures for you to use.

It’s a pretty straightforward unit to operate such that even a 10-year-old kid can figure it out.

So take it on your next water park adventure or a simple backyard pool day with family and friends; you won’t be disappointed.

3. Polaroid Waterproof Single Use Disposable Camera

Best Underwater Disposable Camera – Polaroid Waterproof Single-Use

Polaroid is another company that makes top-notch underwater disposable cameras, and the Polaroid Waterproof Single Use Disposable Camera is no exception.

Unlike other disposable cameras, this one doesn’t have a focus feature, and you can shoot in depths of up to 32 feet.

To give you better aim, Polaroid has equipped this camera with a flip-up viewfinder, and it’s particularly useful when you’re trying to aim through goggles.

This camera comes with an 800ASA color film with 27 exposures, and it even has a wrist strap.

This Polaroid camera is worth considering if you want to take shots where other cameras can’t.

The clear watertight housing is rugged enough to be used in any underwater setting. Most people use this camera for scuba diving, rafting, water park sports, etc.

4. Kodak Sport Disposable Camera

Kodak Sport

Whether canoeing, white-water rafting, or just swimming back and forth in your backyard pool, the Kodak Sport Disposable camera is perfect for all these water activities.

It comes with a ruggedized frame, so your images will be safer than any other disposable alternative, even if you drop it.

It can work in depths of up to 50 feet, and then the lens is sunscreen and scratch-resistant. If you’re teaching a baby how to take underwater shots, this is one of the best cameras to use.

5. Snap Sights 35mm Underwater Camera

Snap Sights 35mm Underwater
Best Underwater Disposable Camera – Snap Sights 35mm Underwater

This camera from Snap Sights is one of the best underwater disposable cameras.

With its 27-exposure 800ASA film and an underwater rating of up to 100 feet, the Snap Sights 35mm Underwater Camera is a top-notch disposable camera worth checking out.

Along with submerged photography, you can also use the Snap Sights 35mm Underwater Camera for hiking, rainforest vacations, geocaching, and snowy outdoors.

This camera comes with a flash, but you can get a non-flash version at a more pocket-friendly price.

Final Thought

In this day and age, people might frown a bit when you tell them you’re looking for a disposable underwater camera. But what if you’re a photo enthusiast who appreciates vintage cameras?

Well, you’re in luck because you can still get some pretty good underwater disposable cameras, such as the Fujifilm QuickSnap Marine, which is the pick of the lot.

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