6 Best Kids Underwater Camera to Buy

Best Kids Underwater Camera

Kids, by nature, love to shoot, and when it comes to underwater photoshoots, they are more excited. But why should we buy kids underwater cameras?

These young devils love copying adults, which makes them feel grown-up or growing up fast—providing them a waterproof action camera to play around with and have fun in the pool or at the beach to capture a colorful fish.

In contrast, snorkeling makes family adventures feel like never before. Reports show that 1.7 million youth in the USA participated in snorkeling in 2020. Enabling your kids to capture the moment and seal the pleasure while having fun will boost their creativity.

For the regular snorkelers and deep-sea divers, it is always recommended to buy a reliable snorkeling camera from a trusted manufacturer like Olympus, Samsung, Nikon, Canon, or SeaLife because they usually don’t cost more than a few hundred dollars.

However, you should not spend so much money on a kids’ waterproof camera. You can find several underwater cameras designed especially for children at a lower price.

With widespread outdoor all-weather devices, many manufacturers focus on kids’ cameras and introduced affordable waterproof models like the Vtech Kidizoom or the Ourlife kids GoPro.

These simple kids’ waterproof cameras are easy to use. Therefore, there is no need to spend a long time learning the settings.

Besides that, the young ones can pick up photography skills without making you worry about damaging expensive devices.

Let’s take a look at the comparison table below for better views of the product.

Top 6 Kids Underwater Cameras Include:

Product NameItem WeightImage Capture SpeedBatteryScreen Size
Ourlife Kids Camera2.4 ounces30 fpsApprox. 2 hours2.4 inch
Vtech Kidizoom action camera for kids1.19 Pounds30 fps2.5 hours1.4 Inches
PROGRACE GoPro Underwater Camera for kids0.11 Pounds30 fpsApprox 2-4 hours1.77 inches
Agoigo kids underwater camera10.8 ounces28 fps2-3 hours2 Inches
Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Waterproof1.2 PoundsNo informationApprox 1-2 hours3.5 Inches
YISENCE Waterproof Digital Camera4.41 ounces30 fpsAprox 2-3 hours (works while charging as well)2.7 inches

Now that you have had a look at the table let’s move forward.

Top 6 Kids Underwater Cameras To Buy

We have furnished below our best affordable, easy-to-use kids underwater camera picks to capture adventures in wet, dusty, or snowy conditions.

1. Ourlife Kids Camera

Best Kids Underwater Camera to Buy - Ourlife kids camera
Best Kids Underwater Camera to Buy – Ourlife kids camera

Ourlife Kids Camera is a cheap kid’s underwater camera that allows your children to enjoy clicking photos and recording videos. It would help not to worry about accidentally breaking an expensive device.

The compact and easy-to-use camera is effortless to operate. The durable body with an extra silicone case, the Ourlife Kids waterproof camera can withstand the impacts of playing around the house, in the bathtub, on beaches, or pool.

The camera has a unique rotatable lens that makes taking selfies super easy. It is also important to mention that the Ourlife Kids camera has twelve photo effects and seven video filters to guarantee excellent and impressive photos and videos. The fill-light function of the camera enables kids to capture bright images in low light.

This kids’ underwater camera can capture photos and videos in water and on dry land. The 180-degree rotating lens allows kids to shoot forwards and in selfie mode.


  • It captures Pictures in 8 MP resolution
  • The Video resolution, shot from the camera, can be up to 1080p/30fps in Full HD
  • The camera is waterproof up to 30m/100ft in the waterproof case
  • 600mAh Rechargeable battery (1-2 hour battery life)
  • It comes with an 8GB memory card
  • The camera is waterproof up to 30m/100 ft in the case

2. Vtech Kidizoom action camera for kids

Best Kids Underwater Camera to Buy - Vtech Kidizoom action camera for kids
Best Kids Underwater Camera to Buy – Vtech Kidizoom action camera for kids

The Vtech Kidizoom action camera can turn your children into fantastic videographers. This action camera is fun for kids to snap funny or exciting moments.

This waterproof kids’ camera is adaptable, durable, and waterproof up to 1.8 meters or 6 feet and comes in a transparent UW case.

The camera is a reliable and rugged adventure partner for exploring the ocean or having fun at pool parties.

It comes with a mount that makes it easy to fix on a skateboard, bicycle or helmet, or anywhere your kids want. Besides shooting the stock photo and video functions, it also features recording in slow and fast motion modes.

The camera has built-in fun photo effects and frames that allow your children to be creative with photoshoots.

The 180-degree rotatable lens enables your kids to take selfies effortlessly. On top of everything, the Vtech Kidiizoom kids action camera comes with three pre-installed cool games.


  • The camera shoots in 640X480 video quality.
  • It is waterproof up to 1.8 meters or 6 feet (with case)
  • It has a 1.8-inch color LCD
  • The camera has a 180-degree rotatable camera lens
  • The Vtech Kidizoom action camera comes with a Li-ion battery (rechargeable) that offers 2.5 hours of battery life.
  • It has 128 MB built-in memory and supports 32 GB micro SD/SDHC cards.

3. PROGRACE GoPro Underwater Camera for kids

The combination of an excellent GoPro Session design and low price to get an inexpensive kid’s underwater camera is the perfect device to record your kids’ memories in all weather conditions, even wet and dusty.

You can imagine the incredible feeling of your kids having the GoPro like the adults.

Best Kids Underwater Camera to Buy - Prograce GoPro underwater camera for kids
Best Kids Underwater Camera to Buy – Prograce GoPro underwater camera for kids

The PROGRACE kids’ waterproof cameras and the chance to capture their adventures can create a great set of memories.

It is a durable, easily-operable waterproof camera for kids made from non-toxic materials, is extremely tough to withstand drops and can be taken down underwater, and includes an IP68 certified case. The robust rechargeable battery in the GoPro allows 1.5 hours of recording time.

The PROGRACE waterproof camera for kids has incredible features like color shooting modes, photo frames, and many more accessories in the package to have fun with and it costs under 40 USD. This kid’s camera comes with loads of extras for mounting and underwater use;


  • The camera offers 5MP photos and 1280X720 HD videos
  • It has a 1.77-inch LCD screen with Burst-shooting, time-lapse mode
  • The PROGRACE GoPro has 4x digital zoom and 3-level volume adjustment
  • It comes with SD card support up to 32 GB – 8GB card included
  • The Rechargeable Li-battery lets you have 1.5 hours of continuous recording time.
  • Underwater case, mounts, strap in the package
  • Seven color shooting mode, 40 photo frames, one mini-game

4. Agoigo Kids underwater camera

Live life king-size, with a slightly larger camera that is easier for your kids’ little hands to grip. The decent-quality images and videos are a feel-good possession.

Owning an Agoigo kid’s underwater camera at a reasonable price will be priceless to see the kids getting excited to shoot underwater.

Agoigo Kids’ underwater camera makes Capturing extraordinary moments super easy. The Agoigo kids underwater digital camera features a 5 Megapixels still-capture and is always ready to seize the adventure wherever your kids take it. This cheap kids’ camera partners incredibly in swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and maybe fishing.

It comes with a durable waterproof case and allows you to deep-dive up to 30m/98ft. The camera features various frame effects and color filters to create the best images.

This waterproof camera comes with a rechargeable battery that fully charges in 3.5 hours and a 32GB micro SD card to store videos for up to 2.5 hours or 8000 photos.


  • The camera features to shoot 5MP photos, 1080p video quality
  • It is anti-shock, anti-fall, waterproof, and dustproof
  • The manufacturer offers three months money-back guarantee and one year warranty
  • It has a 2-inch IPS screen
  • The camera also features 28 photo frame effects, 6 filters

5. Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Waterproof

Fisher price kid tough waterproof
Fisher price kid tough waterproof

Another gem in the world of tough Digital Cameras from Fisher-Price is rugged enough to take it literally everywhere your child wants. It offers two-eye viewing, sturdy grips, and a built-in flash.

This digital camera can survive being dropped. This camera is an excellent way for kids to shoot their favorite things.

The Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera is a rugged camera with a 1.6 in LCD viewfinder, an auto-flash, 8 MB of in-built memory, and an SD card slot.

The camera has all the essential features for your kids to do pro-photography. Above all, it shoots in a depth of one meter.

The Fisher-Price Kid-Tough is nautically designed with a seaweed-inspired finish and periscope-style ‘viewfinder.’ The kids can also use the LCD screen for image playback. The kids can use the plus-sized arrow keys to scroll through photos.

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough camera measures 94x123x63mm. The Digital Camera operates on four disposable AAA batteries.

This camera has a resolution of 0.3 megapixels and won’t break the moment your toddler decides.


  • The camera offers two-eye viewing and a built-in flash to make picture-taking easy.
  • Kids love big buttons that are perfect for little hands
  • The durable camera makes it easy for kids to experience photography

6. YISENCE Waterproof Digital Camera

Best Kids Underwater Camera to Buy - Yisence waterproof digital camera
Best Kids Underwater Camera to Buy – Yisence waterproof digital camera

YISENCE Waterproof Digital Camera is another excellent waterproof point-and-shoot for fantastic quality images and high-resolution video.

You can shoot up to Ten feet without additional support and it feature a flashlight to help shoot in low light conditions. It also features a large screen, a timer, and an SD card capacity.

With this digital camera from Yisence, you can record 2.7k resolution videos at 20 fps and full HD videos at 30 fps. The camera’s image quality is also excellent and it can take high-resolution 48-megapixel photos.

With a continuous shooting mode at six fps, the camera features built-in electronic image stabilization, which helps reduce the blurriness of images and video.

The camera can shoot at a focal distance of 3.3 feet to infinity. It also has a maximum ISO of 400 and offers 16x digital zoom.

The camera offers dual screens to make it easier to frame shots, especially when taking selfies. It has a 2.7-inch LCD rear display and 1.8 inches secondary LCD at the front. The camera features an inbuilt microphone, speaker, and a 650mAh rechargeable battery.


  • It’s dustproof, the perfect travel companion,
  • Shoot high-quality photos and videos.
  • The manufacturer will provide one year and money-back guarantee and Customer service within 24 hours on a working day.
  • It offers a 10FT underwater shooting capacity.

9 Things to Consider When Buying an Underwater Camera For Kids

An underwater camera is an excellent gift for kids to connect with their surroundings on their next water adventure, be it their first snorkeling experience or even just playing in the pool.

There are several means to choose from specifically designed for kids.

You should also bear the child’s age in mind and look for something uncomplicated and easy to use for younger ones, while for older ones, something more complicated.

Below is some consideration when choosing to buy an underwater camera:

1. Value for money

You mustn’t spend a considerable amount of money on a child’s camera to gauge the kids’ interest, especially for a basic one.

Many of the specifically designed kids’ cameras do not cost too much, but the ones that come in a rugged design are a little more pricey, which can be considered good value if it’s more likely to last longer.

You can also think about older models or second-hand cameras, which will still give you value for your money.

2. Camera Size

There are some considerations regarding the size of children’s cameras.

For example, if you’re buying for a child under five years of age, you should go for something a little larger with a larger size, tactile buttons to have plenty of grips, and easy to push and use.

An older child might prefer a small camera in their pocket as the kid wants to use it whenever he feels inspired to take a picture.

3. Simple Camera Settings

The physical controls and buttons must be minimalist, large, and easy to use for children, and avoid buying a device with lots of different shooting options that are likely to confuse.

Cameras, specifically designed for kids, usually have a couple of basic automatic modes for your child to concentrate on having fun while shooting rather than getting confused with complex manual settings and techniques.

For an older child, consider cameras that feature a greater variety of different but pretty simple modes, like “macro” for close-ups, “sport” mode, etc.,

4. Rugged exterior

Children are for sure a little clumsy, so you must go for a camera that can withstand droppings, falls, etc., besides just the odd knock or scrape.

Kids’ Cameras are designed generally to be reasonably rugged, waterproof, and drop-proof. Consider tough “adventure” style cameras intended for scuba diving and mountaineering activities.

Also, since accidents DO happen, think of buying an extra protective case for transportation for protection against scratches or damage in your beach bag.

5. Battery life

Kids are playful and expect a child to practice careful power management techniques. They may often leave a camera on and forget to switch it off or take lots and lots of pictures in a row.

Hence, it makes sense to prefer a camera with decent battery life, especially a camera that has an automatic “off” feature or one that supports in-camera battery charging for power boosts on the go.

6. Video/Image quality

This factor does not matter much as children are more easily impressed than adults.

You should not consider the best image quality as the kids have their creative fires, and even older cameras and mobile phones can be good enough to get them started.

7. Storage

All underwater cameras mentioned above have an SD memory card slot, but you need to purchase the SD card separately. So check the specified maximum size and consider the cost in addition to the camera itself.

8. Screen size

Little hands work better with slightly bigger screens, but most of the underwater cameras we’ve reviewed have similar-sized rear touch screens. As a bonus, some have front screens, too for selfie mode.

9. Design and looks

Lastly, a fun, colorful, and vibrant design is more likely to attract your kids to use a camera.

Lots of cameras specifically designed with kids in mind use bright designs, so look out for those that offer their favorite color – it also helps that they’re easier to find when dropped.

Editor’s Choice

Our editor’s pick is YISENCE’s Underwater Camera. It offers high-resolution photos at 48 MP and videos at a higher Max 2.7 k 20 fps video resolution.

Furthermore, it has a dual-screen for quickly taking selfies, 128GB MicroSD card support, and a 650 mAh rechargeable battery.

Along with these features, its six uninterrupted shooting and self-timer exposure make it our pick.


With the above editor’s pick, we conclude that we have provided you with a selection of the best kids’ underwater cameras and all the required information for your perusal.

These cameras can make children enjoy seas, pools, and other water activities. This is a valid reason for them to have something sustainable.

We have selected the cameras considering all the points mentioned above to choose the cameras that will suit your kid the best.

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