How to Use GoPro Hero 7 Underwater

Go Pros are quite efficient with their performance underwater. If you have recently bought a GoPro and not sure how to use your shinny GoPro Hero 7 underwater you are at the right place.

GoPros are highly recognized for their usability during random adventure trips or sports activities. As they are lightweight and smaller in size, they can easily fit into your backpack without taking much space.

When it comes to shooting underwater, you must be prepared at all times as the beauty of underwater world comes with some exciting unpredictability. 

Recommended tips regarding How to use Gopro Hero 7 underwater

1. Go with the right camera settings

how to use a GoPro Hero 7 underwater - Camera settings
how to use a GoPro Hero 7 Underwater – Camera settings

You simply cannot walk in for a GoPro underwater shooting with standard settings. Hence, its always advisable to keep you Gopro settings on point concerning the type of video you are about to shoot.

So, if you are about to shoot a POV (point of video) underwater, using 1080 SuperView at 80fps is the right way to go ahead. On the other side, using the TimeLapse feature is highly recommended while shooting still photos.

While you are using the Timelapse feature, go with the highest resolution to get the best shot underwater.

2. Use a selfie stick or a camera rig

how to use a GoPro Hero 7 underwater - selfie stick
how to use a GoPro Hero 7 underwater – selfie stick

Shooting underwater comes with its own set of challenges. So you got to stay prepared by every means possible. Now, if you are going underwater with your GoPro, using a selfies stick or a camera rig would help you in stabilizing your camera during shooting.

Well, this tip doesn’t apply to case scenarios where the Go Pro is mounted on your head or chest. Also, shooting with a selfie stick works wonders if you are looking forward to capturing animals underwater.

3. Stay distant from the subject

how to use a GoPro Hero 7 underwater - stay distant
how to use a GoPro Hero 7 underwater – stay distant

Stay at around 12 inches distance from your subject during the shooting. Doing this, you can avoid the video from getting blurred. Still, the trick doesn’t apply to cases where a Macro lens is being used for the shooting purpose.

Moreover, as you are shooting without a flash underwater, shoot while having the sun at your back. This way, you can always get the right light to brighten up the captured shot(something that isn’t possible while shooting into the sun).

4. Cleaning the lens and the gasket

how to use a GoPro Hero 7 underwater - cleaning lens
how to use a GoPro Hero 7 underwater – cleaning lens

Just in case you have some dust, dirt, or even fingerprints on the GoPro lens, it may lead to some serious issues during the underwater shooting. The water may thicken that dust or dirt, and your video quality will go for a toss.

Hence, do remember to clean the lens(both camera lens and the housing lens ) before getting any further with GoPro underwater shooting. Now, as you are cleaning the lens, consider the rubber gasket for the same task as well.

This is because any dust or dirt left on the rubber gasket may cause leakage within the GoPro during the underwater shooting.

5. Using a floaty grip or casing

how to use a GoPro Hero 7 underwater - Floaty grip
how to use a GoPro Hero 7 underwater – Floaty grip

GoPros sink very fast, and this is where you may lose your GoPro during its usage underwater. Hence, to avoid yourself from getting into any such situation, using some floaty grip or floaty casing is always a great idea.

Moreover, you can also use a wrist strap that will keep the GoPro tethered to your hand. This way, even though it may not resolve the issue entirely, you can at least save it from sinking in the sea or the ocean.

6. Locking the screen

Last but not least, dont forget to lock the touchscreen before entering the water with your GoPro.Even though it’s not possible to use a touchscreen underwater, water may damp the screen to a big extent.

Even though the GoPro touchscreen can work with water droplets on it, you cant expect the same smoothness and convenience with its usage.

On the other side, the screen may respond to water splashes as touches, and this might change the camera settings during its usage underwater. Hence, using the screen lock is always the right way to go forward in any such instance.

Bottom line for how to use Gopro hero 7 underwater

There may be random reasons why someone would use a GoPro underwater. You may want to use it while swimming snorkeling or during any other water sports activity. GoPro, go underwater but go prepared. 


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