How to Use GoPro Hero 6? Quick Tips

How to Use GoPro Hero 6?

Getting a hands-on practice of most of the go pro hero 6 tips and tricks can give you an upper hand over most of the standard vloggers around.

Now, even though the process isn’t as easy as it sounds like, it’s all about how much hard work and dedication you put through while mastering these tips and tricks.

GoPro cameras have revolutionized the photography world while providing new definitions of pre-existing videography styles and techniques.

Hence, you need not think twice while capturing that stunning shot from deep down the ocean or thousands of miles above sea levels. That said, let’s take a look at all the handpicked go pro hero 6 tricks and tips suggested by our photography experts.

Recommended list of GoPro hero 6 tips and tricks

1. Bring your creativity and imagination into play

With a GoPro action cam in your kitty, you can always give wings to your style, creativity, and vision. While you do that, make the best use of the features and specifications of this gem of a camera.

For a start, you can do a bit of an experiment with the mounting process. Instead of going the conventional way of putting a camera on the helmet or the drone, place it at random spots that bring a whole new angle and perspective to your vlog or video.

You can try mounting it on a tree, your bike’s handlebars, or any place that suits your imagination. Doing that, you must ensure that the camera body isn’t getting harmed while shooting the vlog or video.

2. Remove the waterproof housing for better image quality

How to Use GoPro Hero 6 - housing case
How to Use GoPro Hero 6? – housing case

Now, this tip is strictly recommended for shots with now moist or wet surroundings. We understand that the extra layer of glass housing protects your camera from any damage out of water. Still, removing that layer can bring some more clarity and definition to your captured shots.

Once you do that, you got to take extra care of the device due to its fragile body and design. You can also purchase a different GoPro frame to enhance the overall video quality.

3. Composing the shot beforehand

Never go blind with your shots’ composition and keep checking the LCD screen to analyze the setup beforehand. Now, let’s say you want to create an image from an ‘unconventional ‘ spot or location.

Doing that, you may not be able to check the settings manually on the LCD screen.

You can always trust the GoPro app on your phone to compose these creative shots without any issues. While using the app, you can compose the image, adjust the cam settings, and even set off the shutter from a distance.

4. Always carry spare batteries and other accessories

go pro hero 6 tips and tricks - batteries
go pro hero 6 tips and tricks – batteries

Being a GoPro user, facing low battery issues while shooting a perfect travel or adventure vlog brings a lot of frustration. Hence, it is always suggested to carry extra batteries while going for any such shoot.

As you are using the all-new GoPro Hero 6, you never need to worry about low battery issues.

The device provides you with an option to swap batteries according to your needs and preferences. Moreover, you can also carry other accessories like a camera cover, case, or strap.

5. Cleaning the lens

Last but not least, you must never forget to clean your lens regularly. While doing that, ensure cleaning the case gently from both inside and outside. Moreover, you got to take extra care of the lens while shooting in moist or wet surroundings.

If the lens gets any leftover dust, dirt, or debris, it may get stuck to the surface after getting in contact with water. Now, this is where all of your efforts regarding capturing the perfect shot will go for a toss.

Also, carry a cotton cloth or hand towel to wipe off your lens correctly after using it underwater. Additionally, you can purchase a lens cover to avoid any unwanted damage.

Bottomline for go pro hero 6 tips and tricks

Getting a hands-on practice of all the go pro hero 6 tips and tricks mentioned above is your first step towards mastering the art of action and sports photography.

No matter if you are a professional or beginner in the same niche, you can make the best use of these tips and tricks to nourish your vlogging skills. Moreover, keep checking this space for some more tutorials and reviews regarding your favorite cameras and gadgets.

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