How to Connect GoPro to TV?

Connecting your GoPro to tv is as simple as making your breakfast. Still, just as you keep the ingredients and recipe in mind before starting your breakfast preparation, the same process needs to be followed while connecting GoPro to tv.

We all know how usable and efficient the GoPro action cam is while shooting those action sequences from impossible angles and locations. As you are looking forward to watching all those videos or vlogs on the big screen, following the below-mentioned rules and guidelines can prove helpful.

Connecting  Gopro to TV via HDMI cable

It would be best if you had an HDMI to micro HDMI cable and HDMI adaptor to kick start the process of connecting GoPro to TV. First of all, ensure that your GoPro action cam is turned off. Now, connect the larger end of the HDMI cable connector to the TV’s HDMI port.

Connect the other end of the HDMI cable connector to the micro HDMI adaptor. Once done, connect the same micro HDMI adaptor to your GoPro cam and switch on the device. Now connect with the right HDMI device prompted on the TV screen.

You may not connect every GoPro model to the TV while following this process as certain GoPro models don’t come with HDMI support.

List of GoPro action cameras with HDMI support

Most of the GoPro action cams ( Hero 5,6,7 and Hero 4 silver) have inbuilt HDMI ports. Still, other models like Hero 7 white, Hero 7 silver, and Gopro sessions that don’t come along with such facility.

These models come with a USB port, so you may not connect them directly to a TV. Hence, all you need is a USB card reader or card adapter.

Frequently asked questions related to how to connect GoPro to tv

Q1.Can I charge the Gopro with the HDMI cable?

A. HDMI cable is majorly utilized to send data files from one device to another. In the GoPro action cam, even when you can charge it with an HDMI cable, you must use it for the earlier purpose only.

Still, if you aim to finish up with two tasks at a time ( sending data and charging the GoPro), opt for a USB port that offers +5 volts of power output.

Q2. Can I connect GoPro max to TV via an HDMI cable?

A. GoPro max doesn’t come with an HDMI support, and this is where you need to bring a USB drive or adaptor into use for the same purpose. Just save all your photos or videos to the same USB adaptor or drive and connect it with your TV.

Q3. Can my Gopro play 4K video on the TV?

A. Yes, but only GoPro cams of the hero series can play 4k video on the TV via the HDMI cable. You again need to use a USB card reader or USB drive to solve all the other models’ purposes.

Moroever, the TV must be 4K supportive or else you won’t be able to enjoy the same video quality while playing the video on tv.

Q4. Can I connect the GoPro to TV via WIFI?

A. Currently, it is not possible to connect GoPro to the TV via Wi-Fi directly. Still, if you have an Android or IOS supportive Smart TV with wifi connectivity, you can download and install the GoPro app to stream your videos or photos.

The GoPro can be connected to TV this way, and you can directly share all the data files between the devices without any hassle.

Q5. Would I be getting the same video quality while playing on TV?

A. It all depends on the video and picture quality of the tv, and if the video has been shot properly via the GoPro action cam, you can expect some good quality video on TV as well. Still, playing the videos on TV supporting 2k or 4k resolutions is highly recommendable.

Bottom-line for how to connect GoPro to TV

You won’t face any issues while connecting the GoPro to the TV if you have the right accessories like an HDMI cable or the HDMI adaptor handy. Also, do check the compatibility of your GoPro device with HDMI while checking the points mentioned above.

Moreover, it is always suggested to buy a high-quality HDMI cable to ensure the right video or picture quality on TV. Additionally, stay tuned for some more handy updates and information regarding your favorite GoPro cams and devices.

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