GoPro Hero 8 Tips And Tricks

Heading out for the first time after lockdown while looking to shoot some great videos with GoPro8? Well, a few handy GoPro hero 8 tips and tricks can help you make the most of the effort.

Actions cameras have their own significance when its about shooting from tricky spots. Still, while you have a beast like GoPro8 in your kitty, you can always strive for more with your video shooting experience.

Moroever, if you want to add a bit more spice and adventure into your vlogs or videos, going by the following GoPro hero 8 tips and tricks can certainly help.

Recommended GoPro hero 8 tips and tricks

1.Get the right camera settings 

Every video speaks its own unique story and hence, must be shot in that manner only. So, even when the GoPro 8 does some fantastic job in auto mode, you can tweak the settings according to the needs and requirements of the video.

Now, once you have made up your mind regarding this, enable the ‘Protune’ feature from the GoPro 8 camera settings menu. Doing this, you can easily unlock the manual settings of the camera that will eventually enhance the video quality.

As you have entered the manual settings of the GoPro8, try adjusting the ISO, Frame rate, field of view, and resolution to suit the requirements of the shoot.

2. Do some planning beforehand

GoPro8 has made its own special place in the world of sports and action cameras. So, while you are bringing this masterpiece into play, do the right planning regarding the location and camera angle beforehand.

Doing this, you can actually bring your own imagination and style into play while choosing on some different camera angles and movements. Try to make an exciting story out of your videos while deciding upon the right intro, outro and the body.

3. Opt for a fast and compatible GoPro Memory card

You may come over as a vlogger or videographer who loves to click multiple random shots before picking the most appropriate one for the video. Hence, you must also use a fast and compatible GoPro memory card to facilitate the whole process.

The biggest advantage of using fast memory cards is that they can save files without downgrading their video quality. Hence, it is always recommended to use MicroSD cards coming with V30 or Class 10 speed rating.

4. Work on stability!

Yes, its understood that the GoPro is an action camera and you may be shooting with different angles and camera movements. Still, providing the required stability to your shots makes them look good to the viewers.

The GoPro8 comes with a Hypersmooth and image stabilization feature just for the same purpose. Still, there are instances when the image stabilization feature doesn’t deliver due to the low-lit surroundings.

Avoid using the hypersmooth or other stabilization features during such instances. Instead, you can go for a selfie stick, tripod, or even the gimbal stabilizer in all such situations.

Now, if you are experiencing that shakiness or dizziness in your shots even after using these accessories, try editing the shot with some recognized editing software like Adobe premiere pro.

5. Editing is the Key!

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional in vlogging, if you didn’t pay the required attention to the editing process, you might put all the efforts put into shooting in the vein. Yes, it may sound like a hectic task that consumes a lot of time. Still, the result will certainly make it worth an effort.

Moreover, if you are shooting small videos with short duration, you can edit the videos while using certain editing apps right on your smartphone. On the other side, if the number of video files is large, you can opt for random specialized video editing software available on the internet.

Spend as much time as it may require but stay focused towards making the best impact on your viewers with an impressive video or vlog.

Bottom line for GoPro hero 8 tips and tricks

GoPro hero 8 is a gem of an action camera with Timewarp 2.0, enhanced HDR. Hypersmooth 2.0 and loads of other unique features. Still, you may require some good hands-on experience while using this masterpiece.

Now, this is where GoPro hero 8 tips and tricks mentioned above comes to your rescue while bringing a whole new definition to your video shooting experience.


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