GoPro Fusion Tips And Tricks

GoPro Fusion Tips

Staying up to date about certain GoPro fusion tips and tricks can help you get some amazing shots out of this 360-degree action camera.

No matter if you are a beginner or pro in the world of photography, keeping these tips in mind can save you a lot of time and effort in the process.

Now, before we head on to the detailed list of guidelines in the same respect, let’s take a deep dive into the big list of features sported by this tiny beast named GoPro fusion.

Besides the 360 degrees photo and video capturing capability, this action cam will allow you to navigate most of its features via voice commands. So, even if you need to stop or start the recording process, say ‘GOPRO TAKE A VIDEO’ or ‘GoPro STOP THE VIDEO’.

So, even as you don’t need much of the expertise to manage and control this masterpiece, the following tips and tricks will surely come in handy for you.

Recommended list of GoPro fusion tips and tricks

1. Keeping the lenses clean and safe

The 360-degree action camera lens plays a key role in the quality of the picture or video captured. Hence, you cannot risk it for some unwanted scratch, dirt, or dust on its surface.

Therefore, before you think of anything else, ensuring the camera lens’s safety and cleanliness is of utmost importance. Certain lens covers and cases available in the market can be bought to solve the same purpose.

Moreover, while putting your camera to rest, never make it stand on the lenses. Doing that may cause some unwanted dent or scratch on the lenses. Hence, resting it on its sides or in an upright position is always a good idea.

2. Keep the subject in focus while shooting

Keeping the subject n focus while capturing a video or picture is something that you will be recommended by every professional or experienced photographer around. Especially when it comes to 360-degree cameras, the quality of image or video deteriorates at the edges.

So, while you are capturing those key moments of your life, don’t forget to keep the action at the center, and not on the stitch lines. By doing that, you can easily get the most out of every video or photo shoot.

3. Get the best quality SD cards

The’ read and write’ capacity of the SD card you use during any given shoot plays a critical role in ascertaining the captured video’s quality. Hence, always opt for the best quality memory cards after checking their reviews and ratings from previous users.

Moreover, always keep the important files for your task and delete the ones that aren’t of much use. This way, you can save some good memory space for the important files.

4. Stay careful while powering it on.

Before you start ahead with the first time using this gem of an action camera, try to get used to its usage and handling. When you are trying to power on the GoPro fusion, remember that this camera comes with just two buttons – the mode button on the sides and the shutter button on the front.

Once you have inserted the batteries, wait for the status light to blink, and then go on with the mode button’s pressing.

5. Selecting the right Video mode

The GoPro fusion facilitates video capturing in three resolution types – 5.2k30,5.6k24 and 3k60. So, if you are looking for some stunning videos with cinematic quality, going for the 5.6k24 is highly recommended.

On the other side, 5.2k30 is surely the best mode if you are looking to make a full HD version of any specific portion of your captured video. Same way, using 3k60 is advisable if you aim to create some magical slow-motion video clips during any given shoot.

Additionally, remember to position the subject within 20cm of distance from the GoPro fusion to avoid any unwanted blur to your captured shots.

Bottomline for GoPro fusion tips and tricks

This 360-degree action camera is quite capable of delivering your desired shots from any given location or position. Still, there will be times when things may not go according to your plan during any given shoot.

To avoid or tackle any such situations, you can refer to the GoPro fusion tips and tricks mentioned above.

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